How To Build A Warplot In WildStar

How To Build A Warplot In WildStar

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote an article about Warplots, the build-a-base endgame player-versus-player mode in the upcoming science fiction MMO WildStar. Shortly after that, the fine folks from Carbine and NCsoft came knocking at my door, peering through the keyhole and asking “Do you want to build a Warplot?”

Sure, let’s do it! I was provided a temporary level 50 character (a short, pink fellow — they have done their research) and met up with Carbine’s group content design lead, Jen Gordy, who walked me through the process.

It’s a long video, I know. Much longer than such a simple process warrants — I needed some hand holding. Basically, it goes like this: the designer accrues enough points to buy all the bits they need and selects seven basic building types to fill the plot’s empty spaces/ Then it’s time to sprinkle booby traps — missile launchers, mines, flash mines, sniper turrets — liberally about the area.

Once that’s done, the creator and they’re team of 40 like-minded individuals can queue up to take on another group’s fortress. Chaos ensues.

The video gives a much more comprehensive overview of the process, but it’s nothing too complicated. It’s like putting together a puzzle. A puzzle with sniper cannons, small fuzzy things with very sharp teeth and giant killer robots.

WildStar will be out on June 3. Several years later, I’ll reach the level required to legitimately build a Warplot.


  • ” the creator and they’re team of 40 like-minded individuals ”


  • This was all I wanted to do during the beta, but all I hit was level 32. This is definitely what I will be spending a lot of my time doing in the end game, not much of a raider but this looks awesome.

  • I’ve read comments that the ping in Australia makes pvp in Wildstar unplayable. Has anyone had this experience? Also, on a side note but still slightly related, does anyone know whether a FTTP connection would substantially increase ping in game vs a standard ADSL connection?

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