How You’re Going To Build Houses In The Sims 4

How You’re Going To Build Houses In The Sims 4

Another day, another reason to get excited (or terrified) for The Sims 4. This morning, Electronic Arts released a new trailer for the highly anticipated life simulating-video game that spells out how the house-building mechanics work.

Basically, it sounds like they work the same way that the character-creation system does. That is to say, it will set off many alarms for the more compulsive gamers out there such as yours truly.

Watch the trailer above. And if you’re anything like me, try to plan some special real-world outings before you take the inevitable plunge into virtual homemaking once The Sims 4 comes out later this year.


  • I can’t wait to spend hours recreating my family and home to then watch them wander around for five minutes before quitting!

    Really though, The Sims is such a guilty pleasure.

  • There’s really a sims 4? They’re really pushing this game way too far. There’s essentially nothing new since sims 2 came out 😐

  • But to be able to build your own house you have to remain connected to the internet.

    …and pay them in microtransactions for each square inch you use.

  • I can see it now, a couple of standard dodads for each area of the house, plants, fences, ornaments etc, the rest being microtransactions, plus you will need to be always online because reasons, and if your friend visits your house, they will need to buy the dodads so they can see them, otherwise they get the default variety.

  • I’m really hoping it’s F2P, because I will use to mock up some visual ideas for landscaping my house then never play it again.

    • Google SketchUp is basically what you’re looking for, and you don’t need to pay anyone (especially not EA) to use it.

  • I pumped WAY too many hours into the Sims 1 and 2. Got all the expansions and was well into it. I was still playing Sims 2 well after the Sims 3 came out. I was put off from upgrading because I’d have to buy all of my expansions again.

    Then I got the Sims 3 in the EA humble bundle and was really disappointed in how much it kept pushing to share stuff to Facebook and “Oh look at these cool clothes / hair-do’s / furniture that are in your inventory – but oh no sorry you have to pay us extra money to buy them with special Sim Coins”. STOP IT. >:c

    Plus there wasn’t anything fundamentally different between the two games either – just more customisation options and better graphics. I mean, the jump between Sims 1 and Sims 2 was HUGE. But between Sims 2 and 3..not so much.

    I feel it’ll be the same for the Sims 4. :c

    • @shibbles

      I disagree. The Sims 3 was a huge leap forward. Go play The Sims 3 for a while and then go back and try Sims 2. It’s a whole different feel. The open world – I can run from one house to another, or go straight to a beach or gym without having to see a load screen – that’s just something that wasn’t possible before. And while Sims 3 has several expansions that Sims 2 had – they have also tried new things like being able to run your own island resort and explore ruins (and create your own perfect traps).

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