H.R. Giger Has Passed Away

H.R. Giger Has Passed Away

Swiss artist H.R. Giger, made famous for his work designing the iconic creatures in the Aliens series, has passed away at the age of 74.

TV station SRF and SWI report that he died as a result of "injuries sustained in a fall".

Aside from his work on the Alien films, Giger also worked on the Dune movie that never was, as well as some pretty awesome video games.

Giger won an Oscar in 1980 for his design work on the first Alien movie.


    He better have the most awesome looking tombstone ever, or I'll be disappointed.

    That's sad news. I've always been a fan of his very distinctive art.

      He was my favourite artist. It was on my 'bucket list' to meet him one day too. :'(

    That Dune movie would have been awesome,

    Damn, another legend bites the dust. RIP H.R. Giger. Definatly want to visit his museum and the Giger Bars someday.

      Been to his museum - looks awesome, but it starts to crush you on the inside after a while.

      I made it there a few years back. As a fan of his work it was well worth it.

    Sad to hear...amazing work and really opened my eyes to some awesome art when I was young

    R.I.P to a very talented guy, who's legacy will live on in the work that he did. And let's not forget that he built pretty much the coolest mic stand EVER.

    Wow this was one of the most influential artist in my life time, who also redefined horror.
    I so loved his work very nightmarish sexy and disturbing all at the same time.
    Some people perceived him as evil because of his dark themed artwork but he wasn't.

    I was just thinking the other day I need to buy all the H.R. Geiger books again.

    I wish he were involved in more projects, but I appreciate his work he has left behind.

    H.R. Geiger we will sadly miss you (auf wiedersehen).

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