If Anyone Can Make Indie Games, Then Where Are The Black And Latino People?

Developer Shawn Allen — one of the relative few people of colour independently spearheading the creation of their own games — gave a talk at New York University's Game Center that looks at the dearth of diversity in the video game creator talent pool. Allen's own efforts to finish his tactical beat-em-up hybrid Treachery in Beatdown City depend on whether the game's Kickstarter campaign makes its funding goal.

If you're moved by his words and actions, go to the Kickstarter page and help him cross the finish line.


    Maybe they have real jobs, with real incomes :P

    What about Guacamelee?

      I don't know, they are mostly pretty white http://drinkboxstudios.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/DrinkBoxTeamPhoto_resized.jpg

    I’m so over the 'If there aren't people of colour/girls, it must be the white man keeping them down' attitude to everything. Maybe people just genuinely don't give two craps about the profession/activity/whatever.

      Yeah but if we can't quantify how not racist we are we must be racists. Gosh don't you get anything?

    Slightly off topic, but I'd like to see more ethnicities in games (including mixed race). Only Mass Effect seem to have done this without making characters stereotypical.

    Waking Mars? Primary characters were a chinese man and a black woman. Good game too!

      Your comment led me to purchase Walking Mars!

    Yeah its white people's fault. We are too oppressive and racist. Too privileged. Its all our fault for everything. We owe everyone something for the things we did in the past.

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