If Grand Theft Auto V Were Made In The '80s

If Grand Theft Auto V Were Made In The 80s

It would still be awesome! Here's an isometric, Commodore 64-style recreation of some Grand Theft Auto V action by the talented MajamiHiroz with some superb 8bit music added.

Atari's Paperboy would work well as a minigame in a game like this.

Grand Theft Auto V (Commodore 64) [YouTube]


    So... its just like the original GTA then?

    It'd probably load faster off a tape than it does on consoles.

    Those graphics are a bit too good and smooth for an 80's game. I call shenanigans ;-)

    Now I want to go and play Police Quest...

      you've just ruined my weekend, i had so much stuff planned, but now i have to play Police Quest.

    Yeah this is what a Commodore 64 game would look like to someone who isn't old enough to have grown up with Commodore 64.

    Talk about rose-tinted glasses...


      These are the graphics I remember...

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