Internet Joke Takes Five Years To Finish

Internet Joke Takes Five Years To Finish

Talk about hanging on a punchline. In May 2009, Twitter user @DrFNFurter started a joke, one that wasn’t completed until May 2014.

In keeping with their username, it was a Rocky Horror Show gag. You know. Time warps, and all.

Internet Joke Takes Five Years To Finish

Note the gap in the date between the last two. Well played.

‘Rocky Horror’ Fan Time Warps 5 Years to Complete a Tweet [Mashable]


  • Tim Curry was great in Rocky Horror but truely came into his own in Red Alert

      • I kept reading this as I.T and kept trying to figure out when Tim Curry stared as an IT technician……

      • YES!

        Pennywise was clearly his best role. So much so that you can’t think of anyone else who could’ve played it.

      • Has there been a role he’s never truly owned? 🙂

        Right down to…

        *KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK* “VILDERNESS GIRRRRRRLS!” in Loaded Weapon 1 lol

        • Tim Curry in Home Alone 2 stole the damn movie, and he was the bad guy.
          Oh wait, he’s kind of the bad guy in a lot of things.
          Oh wait, he’s kind of stolen the movie in a lot of things.

          • He was Hexxus in Fern Gully, The Dark Lord in Legend and Pennywise in IT. He’s quite possibly the most terrifying human being alive.

          • Pretty sure he auditioned for the voice of Joker in the Batman animated series but they deemed him too scary for the role.

  • Sorry, not a Rocky Horror Picture Show fan, so the punchline is lost on me. Does it make a difference if the last line was delivered in 2013 or 2015?

    • The point is there was a long pause. Like in the movie. That’s the entire joke.

      • Ta! I kinda got it, in the way that when you explain a joke it’s not so funny any more.

  • Would have been even better if it was at 4:11PM. Then again, I’d be hard pressed to even remember I was doing the joke the day after I started it.

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