It’s A Sad Day When Fake DLC Looks Real Enough To Click

It’s A Sad Day When Fake DLC Looks Real Enough To Click
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In a world with horse armour DLC, things that game companies sell as additional content never surprises me — but it’s probably a bad sign that I clicked this particular button half expecting the “Red Boots DLC” to be real, huh?

If it wasn’t obvious, this is a screenshot of the post-apocalyptic RPG that was kickstarted in 2012, Wasteland 2. Right now, it’s in Steam early access, and what you see above is the screen that pops up whenever you start the game up. Thankfully, the advertisement is simply a joke. This is what happens when you click on the Red Boots button (click ‘expand’ to see the text more clearly):

Ha. Good one.

And while I’m not advocating for its inclusion, if it was real, I bet someone would buy the red boots for that much. There’s always someone like that.


  • Damn, I own wasteland 2, I assumed this was actual DLC and avoided it like the plague due to the price, I thought it was pretty cheeky.
    Shows how much of a sucker I am…

  • Of course they wouldn’t have DLC, it’s only early beta. Everyone knows you don’t start adding DLC till full beta.

  • considering the journalist, there is a joke about fake things that look real designed to be clicked in there

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