It’s About Time To Get Rid Of Magneto

Video: After firing almost everyone from the X-Men, Pete Holmes aka. Professor X finally sits down with his arch nemesis Magneto in his office for a little talk. This video is the exact opposite of all those bromance videos we’ve seen recently with Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen, the original Charles Xavier and Magneto movie characters.

Ex-Men: Magneto [Pete Holmes, YouTube]


  • Bahahahahah best one yet!!!!

    And with that, I think it’s best to end that series there. lol. Go out on a high note Pete.

    • His entire show has been cancelled.

      I thought that would mean Kotaku would stop shilling it… I guess not.

        • Just don’t get why it gets pushed so hard on Kotaku, the few times I’ve looked in the comments seemed to also be lacking in fans.

          Everyone I watched was just dull and spent too much time hitting low hanging fruit, someone who had the most cursory knowledge of the characters trying to cash in with an uninspired comedy routine.

          That said in hindsight my comment was a bit harsh and I certainly didn’t intend on attacking you personally which it might look like.

  • I thought X only had Telepathy and a few other psionic powers, can’t remember him having telekinesis.

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