It's Always A Mess When Supervillains Team Up

It's Always a Mess When Supervillains Team Up

Supervillain teams are destined to fail, whether it's Carnage and his team of villains, Doctor Doom and whoever he was able to force to join, or — in this case — the Sinister Six. With their ego, it just cannot work. Here's Dorkly's piece about the mathematical law of Superhero film villains.

Hopefully the Sinister Six will be a lot more badass in the next Spider-Man movie:

It's Always a Mess When Supervillains Team Up

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    Kind of an old hat trope, much more common in cartoons and serial dramas.

    Of course with good writing you can get around this, one of my favourites was from (IIRC) Spectacular Spider-man, where the Sinister Six teamed up and totally outclassed him. He managed to escape, fused with the symbiote and then literally beat them in his sleep.

    It was used to demonstrate an increase in power and really set up just how strong the symbiote is.

    Of course this also meant the stakes were raised the next time he fought the sinister six without the symbiote. Used well it can give an amazing sense of accomplishment if the hero succeeds.

    This is how good writing works, and can be used to somewhat subvert the trope. But it requires time and characterisation to set it up, making it more suited to serialised media. That way you can set up a villain, give them time to grow and show how much of a threat they are before increasing that danger by adding another obstacle for the hero.

    It should be noted that there is a huge amount of diminishing returns even if you do this right, once Spider-man has defeated the Sinister Six once defeating them a second time isn't as great a feat... This tends to exacerbate villain decay:

    Ok I'm going to leave it there, this comment is somewhat larger than the article and that always makes me feel odd...

    This applies for a lot of cinema and television, but it is kind of redundant for the ASM2. The two villains don't really "team up" when fighting. Peter defeats one, then the other shows up. Contrary to this; the 2nd villain actually "wins" in a big way (possible spoiler) whilst being defeated. Rhino doesn't show up until later (alone BTW).

    While this is somewhat of a correct assessment, it is just a biased perspective (of ASM2 specifically) from someone who obviously didn't like the movie (or at least hopping the bandwagon of hate from multiple villains), designed to kick the victim (metaphorically being ASM2) when down, using the ridiculous biased hate against this movie; based on the behind the scenes rabble from Marvel and Sony.

    If this exact movie was released by Marvel, it would be praised as an awesome movie.

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