Japan Did BioShock In 1973

Japan Did BioShock In 1973

SF Magazine is a well-known sci-fi magazine in Japan. Launching in 1959, it’s still published today. And in July 1973, the cover looked like BioShock.

BioShock was released decades later in 2007 (the above image features a still from the 2010 sequel). But wow, look at the similarities — especially the similarities with the Little Sister from the game:

This appears to be one interesting kwinky-dink, which was noticed by Twitter users GonziStyle and eSe_Acua.

This particular sci-fi cover seems to be somewhat obscure (though, it’s certainly possible that the game’s artists saw it). I hadn’t seen it until earlier today. However, the little girl on the cover isn’t an exact match by any means and looks very different from the Little Sister concept art:

Heck, originally Big Daddy and Little Sister were going to be giant rat and a dude in what looks like kendo gear.

It’s unclear if that issue of SF Magazine featured some sort of underwater tale or if the cover was simply striking artwork. Of course, right now you might be saying, “But, Atlas Shrugged did BioShock in 1957!”

Update: BioShock designer Ken Levine tells Kotaku, “It’s a beautiful image, but the twins from The Shining were the closest thing to an inspiration for the Little Sisters.”

@Brian_Ashcraft what do you think about this? [GonziStyle — Thanks Gonzalo!]


    • I suspect they may have been inspired by it – and there’s nothing wrong with that.

  • Ok now I really want a game where you play as the dude in the kendo gear and your giant ninja rat compansion harvests stuff from corpses for you.

  • kwinky-dinkI have seen this on here way too many times over the past couple of weeks.

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