Japan’s Xbox One Exclusives, Translated For Your Convenience

Japan’s Xbox One Exclusives, Translated For Your Convenience

Earlier this week, Japanese entertainment company Mages announced 3 Japanese games to come out for the Xbox One console. Considering the Western-centric image the Xbox brand has had over the years, this is a good thing.

The three titles, Psycho-Pass, mystereet F and Chaos; Child are all text-based adventure games. Needless to say, for those who don’t understand Japanese, the trailers were probably a little confusing.

Here are subtitled versions to make them a little easier to understand, if not less confusing.


Mystereet F

Chaos; Child


  • God damn, If these games turn out to be good I might end up with all 3 consoles soon.

  • Chaos;Child is an xbone exclusive?

    well that ruins any chance of an English localisation…

    however most of the time these games will usually come out on other platforms down the track, but i don’t think we’ll be getting it unless it’s on PC, or we may have a slight chance if it gets a vita port…

  • The anime of psycho-pass started out really strong but the ending was mad shit.

    • I actually felt it was the other way around, lol. Loved psycho pass. Season two is coming out this year.

      • Didn’t realise there was going to be a season 2. Considering I loved it right up until the last episode because I thought that was going to be its final ending, I now have new opinions on this subject.

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