June Xbox One Update Adds Real Name Support And Other Handy Options

June Xbox One Update Adds Real Name Support And Other Handy Options

The next release of what appear to be monthly firmware updates for Microsoft's Xbox One console will add a handful of useful options, including real name and external drive support, according to a summary of the changes that Microsoft shared with Kotaku in advance of an official announcement.

The real name and external storage options will give the Xbox One its own variation on features offered for the PlayStation 4 and Wii U respectively.

Other changes include the ability to set the console to automatically sign in a specific system user and improvements to SmartGlass. Users of SmartGlass, the phone/tablet second-screen app, will be able to run the TV-listing OneGuide and even re-order the pins of preferred apps that appear on the Xbox One homescreen with their fingertips. (You can only do this last thing on the console itself by moving a given pin to the start of the stack, one at a time.)

The hard drive option will give users extra storage for saving games, downloadable content expansions and apps. The system will support up to two drives at once, treating them as the default destination for downloaded content. Drives will need to be at least 256GB and support USB 3.0 connections. Games can boot off the drive, and the drives don't need to have their own power supply.

Microsoft is suggesting that people take their drives to their friend's house to then use their games there, though they say that doing that will require that the person with the drive either sign into Xbox Live to confirm their ownership of any game they had bought via download or insert a disc to confirm they own the game.

If you're comparison-shopping, the Wii U also supports external drives, though Nintendo advises users to use self-powered drives. Sony does not support external storage but uses a standard internal harddrive that users can swap out on their own. Swapping out a drive in the Xbox One voids the system's warranty.

June Xbox One Update Adds Real Name Support And Other Handy Options

As for Microsoft's real name system, an Xbox Live user will be able to set an option to display their real name next to their Gamertag for all of their friends, specific friends, or none. Those real names won't show up in multiplayer games and will only be seen at the system level.an official announcement

Again, by comparison, Wii U does not support real names. The PS4 does, since launch, but handles them differently. On Sony's console a user sends a specific person on their friends list a "real name request". The other person has to accept it, at which point, both users appear to each other, on the system level, with their real names. The PSN gaming names don't appear at the system level anymore, though those real names don't appear in games. There is no way to do bulk real-name changes a la Microsoft's new plan.

Microsoft did not say exactly when in June the new update will hit, but they did indicate that it will be timed to hit shortly before the recently-announced plan to remove the Xbox Live Gold requirement for video streaming apps.


    Will this allow me to watch movies/TV shows from the external? Is there any chance of this coming?

    Awesome, Auto sign in and external HDD support.

      yay :) not entirely sure why auto sign in wasn't there to begin with. But i guess with Kinect it would just detect who is there anyway and sign you in.

        9/10 it would, but still would like it standard.

          yep. i was pretty pissed at MS for dropping it so quickly. a great piece of tech is now just going to sit and languish because it's not default with the machine anymore.

      Still cant believe there wasno Auto sign in from the get go,

      Still waiting for 'Xbox On' support for AUS however :(

        I can't believe there are still people with their XBones set to the Australian region. Just changing to US in that setting not only enables 'XBox On' (and all the associated TV-controlling features), it also gives you access to the US app store. Don't need to fake a US address or anything.

        Last edited 22/05/14 3:18 pm

          I found when I changed to US the voice commands didn't work as well and I also couldn't record clips??

            I speak Strayan, but I guess I have a more Americanised/mid-Atlantic accent than some. Shame you can't change your region and voice command language separately (what if you're a Scotsman living in the USA?).

    So the external HDD support is just for installs and saves? I.e. still no media support?

    MS and Sony both need to pull their finger out on this. These machines have been out for 6 months and still don't have this basic functionality.

      MS and Sony both need to pull their finger out on this. These machines have been out for 6 months and still don't have this basic functionality.

      At this point I think it's just because neither side wants to do it. They appear to have reached an unspoken agreement that USB media support is bad for business. I'm sure if the PS4 patched it in tomorrow and used it as a selling point for the system the XBOX One would have USB support by the end of the week, but without that pressure neither side is budging.

      When all the fuss was being made about always on, no trade-ins, etc this sort of event is what worried me. Whether through incompetence, coincidental malice or crazytown conspiracies this sort of stuff happens all the time when console manufacturers given complete control.

        I hope you’re wrong, but I think there’s a very good chance that you’re not.
        Both companies have apps which allow you to pay them to watch media, why make the media you already own more accessible than necessary?

        I remember when all the rumours were circling that both consoles would require ‘always-on’ connections, I’m certain that was actually the case.
        MS announced the ‘always on’ Xbone and Sony announced the PS4 while not showing the box and being intentionally vague about ‘always-on’. I’m certain that the intention was that they would both have it up until Sony saw a great opportunity to throw MS under the bus at E3 and took it.

        While there was a lot I liked about the original vision for the Xbone, I think we’re better off for the competition.

          Out only hope might be if the XBone falls far enough behind the PS4 in sales that MS might see adding those media capabilities as a potential selling point and puts them in. You'd assume that Sony would have to respond and so, sooner or later, we'll end up with that functionality we all should have had available at launch.

          Yeah. It's all bit conspiracy theory-ish but I always felt like the always-on aspect would be something they wouldn't even try to do alone. I could see it being something just Microsoft did, since even though they weren't talking about games much securing exclusive content has always been an extremely high priority for them, but as soon as Sony got word that Microsoft were baiting giants like EA, Ubisoft, Activision by offering to kill off trade-in sales Sony would have had to attempt to follow.
          I can't wait until ten, twenty years from now we get some glimpses behind the scenes via former employees. I'm certain EA was pretty in the loop on the subject because they dropped their anti-used game sales systems and actually came out against the concepts right before the announcement. Why would they commit to never using that stuff again if they didn't think an end to used games was in the pipeline?
          Again, all crazy conspiracy theories but it really seems like there was way more going on.

      PlayTo is fantastic. So much better than the old Pull DLNA support on PS3 and 360. Whip out my phone, choose what I want to play from my media server, and up it comes on the One.

        is that an app or ?

          Im not sure about the phone side of things but the play to function is apart of media player in windows and has been working seamlessly since day one. Files dont need to be in media player library either just add your XB1 as a device and then right click a file and choose PlayTo>Xbone, Xbone will automatically load up xbox video app and stream. It even caches the stream to take out any network lag.

            Yea I've used Play To was just wondering how he did it with his phone?

              I use Airshare on Windows Phone, but there's also PlayTo apps on iOS and Android. Make sure you search PlayTo and DLNA in your app store, because a pure PlayTo app will only push files from your phone, it also has to be a DLNA browser to look at your media server.

                Heeeeey thats awesome, I'm on WP7 and thought I'd be shit outta luck, but it worked sweet, not sure I'd use it as my TV can stream but nice to know its there.

                  Personally I find it easier than navigating DLNA menus on TV by remote or controller. I also use my Xbox One for everything with TV going through it, so I can do it any time and it launches the video app and starts playing.

                Dude, thank you so much for pointing me to this. So much win!!

                Now they just need to add the ability to listen to music without having the Xbox Music app obnoxiously taking up a third of the screen and I'll be a happy camper.

                  My opinion about Microsoft lately is that they're just completely shit at explaining anything awesome they've done, so nobody know it exists and hate them for missing functionality.

                  Music in background would be great, and as for snap I'd rather they letterboxed my app into 4:3 than keeping it widescreen on 3/4 of the screen.


    These changes are “nice”, but the custom soundtrack feature was a goddam launch feature with the first Xbox!

    Wouldn’t it be nice if while they were adding HDD support they added the ability for me to play music off a USB (like I could on my 360…. AT LAUNCH) and play it in the background so I don’t have to listen to “Welcome to the future! Man, machine, the fusion!” ever, ever again!

    Any chance someone at Kotaku can ask someone at MS why the hell this basic feature is missing? @markserrels ? Please? PLEASE?!?!?!

    Last edited 22/05/14 10:58 am

      Obviously you'd love this to happen, but I'm going to risk getting my head chopped off and guess that the custom sound track to games is WAY down the request list in terms of number of people asking for it.

      I or no one I know in the entire lifespan of the 360 have ever used that feature. I'm going to guess most people are happy with the sounds/soundtrack of the game they're playing.

      Also, with so many easier and wirelessly accessible to play music these days, that's probably not a priority either.

      Not saying you shouldn't want it, just saying I don't think that's a super common request compared to all their other glaring omissions from the UI

        Have you played Trials Fusion…. Or any of the trials games for that matter?
        Why on earth would you knowingly subject yourself to the (I think intentionally) ear-bleedingly bad music if you can put your own on?

        Seriously though, of my mates most of them use the custom soundtrack feature pretty regularly. If I’m racing or painting a car or something like that in Forza, or I’ve got some mates around and I’m playing Flatout or anything like that it’s always best to have your own music on.

        MS went out of their way to market it as a huge feature when the original Xbox came out and it was a big deal at the time. It was a launch feature of the 360. People do want it and people do use it.

          I know its not ideal but have you ever thought to snap internet explorer with Pandora playing? I know it takes up 1/4 of the screen but it could make the painting of a car or something like that better.

            Yep you’re right.
            You can do that, which just makes it even more annoying!

            The feature is like 99% there and they just keep overlooking it when adding stuff in.
            They even added volume control for snapped boxes, but just didn’t add the option to keep the music playing while the box isn’t ‘snapped’.

          Yeah fair point I guess. I've never played those games (besides forza).

          When the 360 launched almost 10 years ago, there wasn't the easy music playing options that there are now on every second device out there. Maybe that feature isn't as forefront 10 years later in the world of spotify, pandora, itunes radio, smart tvs, etc.

        I used it a fair bit on the original xbox, a handful of times on the 360, but haven't even wanted it for the One.

      Considering the rate at which MS is adding features (every month since launch so far) i wouldn't be surprised to see this eventually - but with a Kinectless SKU launching next month the auto sign needed to be in this month and with some people HD almost full Externals were needed this month as well. It is a matter of how easy features are to implement and benefit to end consumer that would be determining the order these features went in. Give them some time, because at least MS has been busy adding features since launch while my PS4 still can't pause and resume downloads...

      I think both Microsoft and Sony need to say when these features will be implemented (most likely it will be a long time)

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