Korean Media: Kim Jong-Un Is ‘Getting Fatter’

Korean Media: Kim Jong-Un Is ‘Getting Fatter’

Think being a dictator is easy? Ha! It’s stressful, and according to the South Korean media, it’s caused Kim Jong-un to pack on the extra kilos.

Major South Korean newspaper The Chosun Ilbo as well as South Korean cable news network YTN are reporting rumours from Free North Korea Radio that say North Korea’s supreme leader has recently packed on the extra kilos earlier this year, going from 100kg to 120kg.

According to Free North Korea Radio, Kim has been overeating and drinking too much in the wake of allegedly having his uncle and ex-girlfriend executed last December. The radio network, which is based in Seoul, also claims that Kim is showing symptoms of heart disease, began losing his hair, and is having difficulty using his left arm. This is a rumour, mind you, but one that the mainstream media in South Korea is reporting.

But does he look heavier? YTN compared recent photos with a file photos of the North Korean leader.

Korean Media: Kim Jong-Un Is ‘Getting Fatter’
Korean Media: Kim Jong-Un Is ‘Getting Fatter’

I dunno, it’s kind of hard for me to tell! If Kim Jong-un does have actual health problems, a solid diet, plenty of exercise, and medical care can perhaps fix them. If this is just excess weight around the waist, may I suggest Photoshop?

N.Korean Leader Getting Fatter [Chosun] 김정은, 장성택 처형이후 100kg→120kg [YTN] 김정은, 장성택 처형 이후 100kg → 120kg / YTN [YTN via ロケットニュース]


  • When an entire nation is your personal playground, where you are supplied with everything and anything you want on demand and the scant few people not too scared to tell you you’re wrong get executed, what do you expect from a young man?

  • Well there is a Tumblr dedicated to him where it’s about him thinking everything is edible, so it was inevitable 😛

  • According to some recent defectors, like his main “poetry writer” (Yeah, he had a staff member whose job it was to make up poetry for him to make him look sophisticated), he doesn’t even do anything. He literally loafs around all day, giving “orders” which are mostly ignored and its his support staff who actually run everything. He’s not exactly a puppet figure, but he also doesn’t have nearly the power he thinks he has. The North Korean Government keeps him around because the “Cult of Kim” is useful to them.

    So it’s not surprising that he’s getting fatter. I doubt he does anything except order more sno-cones, or whatever the N. Korean equivalent of Sno-cones are.

    • Fat Princess, North Korean style. They making him fatter so he is harder to kidnap.

  • While he gets fat, every civilian in North Korea is on rations or starving with no food ever. North Korean logic at it’s best. :p

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