Kotaku Australia Wins Best Gaming Coverage At Journalism Awards

Kotaku Australia Wins Best Gaming Coverage At Journalism Awards

For the fourth-straight year, Kotaku.com.au has taken out Best Gaming Coverage honours at the annual Australian IT Journalism awards. The gala ceremony was held last Friday evening in Sydney.

Kotaku’s editor, comrade Mark Serrels esquire, was recognised with a highly commended award for Best Gaming Journalist – missing out on top honours by just one point. One. Point.

(Congrats to Patrick Stafford by the way! Nicely done!)

Kotaku Australia was also nominated as finalist in Best Video for Mark and Ben’s awesome E3 2013 video coverage. ABC Good Game, which Mark is sometimes a guest on, ended up taking out the category.

Finally, Kotaku was also finalist for Best Website overall; an award ultimately picked-up by sister-site Lifehacker, which also won Best Personal Technology Coverage and the Gold Logie of tech journalism: Best Title.

As publisher, I’d like to thank Mark for his charming wit and those fascinating mega features. Everyone knows the ones I mean. Huge props also to Elly Hart and Logan Booker, Kotaku Australia’s night and weekend editors.

And a massive thank you to everyone who reads and comments on Kotaku.

Allure Media is thrilled that we continue to be recognised as the country’s most outstanding technology publisher. Kotaku, Lifehacker and Gizmodo appreciate your support.


  • Nice work guys! Must be nice to receive peer recognition for all your hard work!

    (and hopefully now they’ll give you the computing/human resources you require to fix up the current site technical issues… because they’re not getting any better) 🙁

  • Congrats guys! Well deserved, Kotaku’s become my one stop gaming website and it completely won me over within a few days of using it earlier this year =]

  • Definitely worth the award. @markserrels has been doing a great job and for us who are regulars on Kotaku knows the when the Author is Mark, the article is must read. Good work!

  • Congrats guys! Mark’s the face of Kotaku, but I’m sure there’s plenty of behind-the-scenes kudos as well. So congrats Mark and congrats you other guys!

  • Danny, you’re welcome! Glad I could help in some small way 😛

    Congrats Mark and team… again. Still well deserved!

  • does this mean you will stop writing one sentence articles with sensationalist headlines and gifs?

    Nawe of course not 🙂 and i hope you never do! keep up the awesome work guys, well deserved. I love this place!

    • does this mean you will stop writing one sentence articles with sensationalist headlines and gifs?That’s usually the US articles, not the AU ones. Mark and co. generally try and avoid doing that kind of thing and are often apologetic for it when they do (It’s usually for justifiable content though so it’s not really a problem).

      • They still reserve the right to veto Kotaku US content, which they don’t do often enough. There’s too much stupid content from Derp Plunkett and Patricia Hernandez like reposted articles, tweet-length ‘posts,’ click bait and general crappiness I’d like to see less of.

        • That Patrica! Couldn’t write a decent article if her life depended on it. Haha.

  • Congratulations on yet another well deserved award. The quality and coverage of the Kotaku AU articles are why I keep coming back.

  • Congrats guys
    There has been heaps of articles over the past year which have really expanded my views.
    i would like to see more involvement from the journalists though, it just seems once they post the article you never hear from them as they never get involved in the community and any discussions or even answering questions and the 1-2 word articles seem as if they are trying to fill a quota instead of bringing us great new news which often make me sad panda.
    Hopefully with some greater involvement you can make 5 years strait!

    • Hahaha! You’re the same person who made the above comment. I can see!

      Keep on trollin’ baby. I love it. I really love it. 🙂

  • And well deserved too. You’re a great writer Mark and one who puts a human side onto what can be an emotionless topic to talk about (if you’re lazy about it). Kudos to the rest of the team as well

    Now I’ll sit here and wait for Patricia to be recognised in some US journalism awards…

  • Thanks to Mark and Evan for writing the best articles. It is clear to me you guys care about gaming and journalism in equal parts.

    • I am thinking that tomorrows singtaku should totally be Mark banderasing (it’s a word, leave me alone :P) whilst humming.

      Also, congrats folks, I can always count on Marks articles. Regardless of whether it is a topic that would interest me or not at the time, they are always an enjoyable read.

      • Maybe we could have all the Kotaku AU guys doing synchronized Banderasing?

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