League Of Legends Vs Dota 2

Ever wonder about the differences between League of Legends and Dota 2? While both League of Legends and Dota 2 originate from the same mod, each game has its own unique quirks and history.

gbay99 tells us all about the story behind both games in this great educational video, ultimately touching on the major players behind League and Dota 2, as well as detailing some of the major differences between the games. Mind, some of the differences might not seem huge — like turn rate in Dota — but they can still have a big impact on the game. It’s fascinating!

And in case you’re short on time: you might want to skip the video to the 1:05 mark.

The Difference Between LoL vs DotA 2 (A Tale of 2 MOBAs) [gbay99]


    • Title says LOL vs DOTA2. And whether or not HON is the superior game in your eyes, The majority of players think these two games are the superior ones due to the fact they have the biggest player bases

        • all of this is purely your own opinion. But as i said, More people play these games so it must be the better game. Why else would they play it if they did not enjoy it. If it was not the better game as you say, why do more people play it then?

          Statistics show HON is no a popular game. LOL has over 30 million active users and based on steam stats DOTA2 has around 800,000 people playing at this very moment.

          • If you think that the more popular something is the better it is, then you are certainly foolish. Does that mean McDonald’s is better than some 5 star restaurant? lol

        • LoL is the best in terms of the more casual end of DotA-style games but Dota 2 is still the better in terms of the more competitive-oriented end of the genre. Why? Valve isn’t $2 Games thankfully. They made horrendous decisions regarding HoN which otherwise is a pretty legit game. HoN was just gobbled up by LoL and then later on the leftovers were taken by Dota 2.

  • As someone that does not play MOBAs I prefer dota2, just from news articles about LOL like “we don’t have voice chat because our players are arseholes”.

    • I actually found that a bonus for LoL since when I did play HoN and DOTA2 players were actually more arsehole. Changing to Oceania server for LoL and the Tribunal system seems to have resolved most toxic players, rarely see them in ranked or ARAM and I voice chat with friends via TS3 or Steam anyway.

  • I prefer LoL, but not for the reason most do. I find their core classes a lot more clear cut in terms of what their role in the team is plus the characters have a fair variety in game play styles; where as I find that characters role’s in Dota 2 are almost completely determined by their primary stat (which makes sense due to the fact that it is the sequel to Dota).

    That said the LoL community is f***ed, I wish I could deny creeps (used to be able to somewhat deny creeps, but the only character that could do it had a rework that removed said ability) and that the server/realm functions were a lot more robust.

    • I have to disagree with you about dota heroes playing the same as any other with the same stat. Sven doesn’t play anything like Pheonix (strength heroes) and Phantom Lancer plays nothing like Juggernaut (agility heroes). Sure generally particular primary stats usually lead to a certain role (usually but definitely not all the time, Sven is a carry and Pheonix is a support or offlaner), but that doesn’t mean they play anything like each other.

      I haven’t played enough LoL to make judgement of it, bu

    • This is odd because most people I’ve come across who’ve played both games would say the opposite. Yes DotA heroes adhere to primary attributes system but there are Strength supports (Phoenix, Earthshaker…), Agility supports (Vengeful Spirit, Nyx Assassin…) and Intelligence carries (Outworld Devourer, Necrolyte…) to be had. Actually I’d say there are far more multi-role heroes than in LoL. A Naga Siren works equally as well played as a carry and a support. Nature’s Prophet can be played as a Jungler/Ganker/Pusher-Sieger/Pseudo-carry/Support.

      That is to say – LoL champions are more pigeonholed into static roles (bar a few) while DotA heroes can work played different ways. Heck.. do you think Alchemist is a carry? I mean look at his abilities, they give him enhanced farming capabilities. Actually he was and is still played as a support if drafted in certain scenarios.

  • It’s funny how people think everything started with dota when it was called Aeon of Strife back in starcraft……. And I agree with flatliner, HoN was a better game but the game was never as popular as League or Dota 2 because of bad marketing strategies.

    • The concept of having 3 lanes and fighting against waves may have originated in AoS but it was DotA that transformed the concept into a more PvP oriented game as opposed to a 100% PvE focus in AoS (which was barely played by anyone). The actual boom of the genre/concept can be traced back to 2 events: the birth of DotA-Allstars and LoL. The former led to the underground rise of the DotA formula while the latter proved that the formula could be tweaked for the masses.

      HoN, unfortunately, suffered from a lot more issues than the other 2. $2 Games fucked up big time.

  • LoL is actually more closely based on the original 3 Corridors custom map from Warcraft 3 which had many many many updates adding more and more champions to the game. 3 Corridors had a bit more of a tower defence model to it, but conceptually it’s very very similar to modern day League. The DotA map came after (read: 6-9 months after…) the 3 Corridors map and had a lot of the 3 corridors crowd move over to it because of the higher skillcap and increased complexity – ie: bigger challenge. But yeah, when Riot was founded they were trying to reinvigorate the original 3 Corridors style of gameplay and managed to pull it off really well imo!

    • Not sure what you’re on about because LoL is clearly based upon DotA which in itself was a reimagining/evolution of Aeon of Strife.

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