Let's Share Funny Bugs And Glitches!

Let's Share Funny Bugs and Glitches!

If you've ever played a video game, you've experienced them. Bugs and glitches are a part of gaming — a really funny part.

Recently, Japan's largest forum 2ch did a thread, asking for people to show video game bugs. Sorry, I mean, features.

Have a look:

Let's Share Funny Bugs and Glitches!
Let's Share Funny Bugs and Glitches!

This is, by no means, the best of the best. Video gaming has many more humorous bugs and glitches. Feel free to add them in the comments section below.

ゲームのバグ画像とかくれ [2ch]


    this one always freaks me out a bit.
    from FIFA 12 (I think) http://i.minus.com/ikfmGW73AeBn0.gif


    I love unintentional glitches, it adds a whole new fun aspect to a game
    Nothing beats Skate3 for this
    Just sitting there puttin away then you have that total WTF moment trying to analyse what just happened

      Then there's the fantastic replay button that lets you view the glitch in slow motion or 4x faster than how it actually happened.


    This was a AC IV glitch that was posted on Kotaku awhile back, I think the choice of music was spot on by the uploader.

      Agreed! The music made that. Perfect :)

    I actually had to stop watching that second video...some of those soccer glitches had my actually laughing out loud and I was getting strange looks at work

    Friend of mine was playing Uncharted 3 and in the desert kept falling off whenever they hit a shadow, as if the shadow was a cliff

    I was doing a co-op LP of Lego Marvel, and was just cruising along in a boat with my friend driving. Stupidly I pressed Triangle and jumped out of the boat, and then started swimming uncontrollably towards the edge of the map at, like, mach speed. I couldn't stop for about five minutes!

    Skyrim is good for funny glitches. I once approached a dragon from behind guarding a word wall.
    I startled it, and it flew high up into the air, then came down to do it's ice breath attack and it slammed into the side of the tower. Somehow it's head got stuck in a treasure chest, it was the most funny thing ever I just had to make it a saved game :)

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