Man Suffers Brain Haemorrhage After Three-Day Gaming Marathon

Man Suffers Brain Haemorrhage After Three-Day Gaming Marathon

A young man in China’s Hunan province was sent to the hospital last week in what looked like another case of a sudden death in an internet cafe. Luckily, the man is still alive.

According to a report by Voice of China, 26-year-old Xiao Qiang collapsed at his seat in the internet cafe after a three-day gaming session. That’s right, three days and three nights spent playing games at an internet cafe.

Xiao Qiang was reportedly rushed to the nearby Hunan Brain Hospital in Changsha. There, doctors declared that Xiao Qiang had suffered a brain haemorrhage.

Voice of China reports that Xiao Qiang is an average office worker and online gamer. According to VoC, the man, who enjoys eating fried chicken and drinking carbonated drinks, weighs in at around 100kg — a possible risk factor, according to the doctors at the hospital.

Xiao Qiang now suffers from partial paralysis. Resident supervising doctor Xiong Zhiwei says that he can recover most motor function, but will have impaired speech and some mental difficulties.

26岁小伙打游戏激战三天三夜 突发脑出血成偏瘫 [Voice of China via People’s Daily]


    • I think some cafes there let you pay for your time in advance. And for some reason, the cafe has no way to force you off the machine unless your credit runs out.

      • I’ve never used an Internet cafe, is there a login you use and if so surely they can set a limit on how many hours in a 48 hour period you can play for

        • From my use of net cafes it can be a mix. Either a pre-payment to the person behind the desk (who would kick you off when your time is up), a post payment once you finally get off the computer, or some form of time card.

          In any of those cases, over here anyway, there is someone running the cafe, and as such would have discretion to boot someone off if needed.

          Sure this person may have pre-paid, but is the owner really that negligent that they would allow something like this to happen? Sure, these places do lock-in gaming sessions, but even those have ‘relaxation’ areas to get away from the screen for a few hours.

      • Clearly these people have no self control. I’ve pulled all nighters before but I couldn’t sit on my pc for 24 hours let alone 48 or 72. These people need help

  • “the man, who enjoys eating fried chicken and drinking carbonated drinks”

    Who doesn’t enjoy that?

    I’m hungry now…

  • Is he going to be able to game again or will the loss of motor function prevent that?

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