The Evolution Of Generation I Starter Pokemon

MDugarchomp is an appropriation artist with a penchant for Pokémon and modernist painter Charley Harper. Her latest big project, a trio of posters, depicts the Generation I starter Pokémon and their evolutions.

If you wanna see more, check out the rest of her stuff at Tumblr, Etsy and/or deviantART.

Appoképriation [Etsy, via r/pokemon]

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    Something that bugged me was that Charizard has long been the most popular gen 1 starter... so why did they need to give him even more versatility with two strong mega evolutions? Meanwhile like every other generation the grass/poison starter is given a stop gap to try and fix the fact that it is a gimped typing. Then you have Blastoise who's ability is probably the least useful for him in the entire game, you have three pulse type abilities to use and one aura... the problem is that they are relatively low strength with only one having stab and the others being pitted in types that have either few strong trades or just don't work in the meta.

    Kinda seems like this system was meant to keep some of the older pokemon relevant, but all it did was reinforce the idea of choosing fire types because chances are they will have the better end game / pvp.

      I never got why PVP was so popular in Pokemon. Or really any game where it's filled with Min/Maxers. Fuck, the whole breeding component, and the amount of effort people put into breeding the "perfect" pokemon...

      I will never do PVP Pokemon, and since my first game was Pokemon Blue, my first pokemon was Squirtle, I will always undoubtedly pick him every single time that there's a choice

        I am not really talking perfect EV and IV levels of pvp or competitive, but charizard has a clear advantage over other starters already, and this is only made more obvious with the mega evolutions.

        That said I will always be a balbasaur player, not that I had a japanese green title (though my neighbour did on his 50 in 1 cartridge). I think the first game I personally owned was a bootleg gold from Singapore that my oma got conned into.

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          Multiplayer pokemon is just not for me. Still, I have to wonder why there are so few mega evolutions in X and Y. I have yet to play them, but honestly it sounds rather... meh. I was kinda hoping for a Mega version of say, all Gen 1 pokemon

            It isn't for everyone, but for me it was my childhood. My childhood was full of stomping out peoples pokemon and then having my own destroyed too *queue anime theme*

      I do love the stats that Charizard is strong in, but by all means he isn't a good endgame. Most things that have a 4x weakness aren't, and on Charizard its a bit unfair seeing hes a starter, unlike Tyranitar or Dragonite whose stats are near legendary levels. But I can definitely see why its a bit unfair that he has two, only because hes a iconic Pokemon.

        But it is a choice for late game as its stats are pretty good and the only common weakness that charizard has is lightning, other than that it is smooth sailing as the main heavy hitters in this gen lie in ice, fighting and ground (all of which he has either resistance too or is not weak against).

          Rock is a instakill to Charizard, and even if rock isn't popular, one power gem or rock is just a 1HKO. Used to love Charizard when I was little because I wasn't actually playing it properly, now when I play I usually stay away from a fire type like that and opt for a better like Typhlosion or Arcanine.

            it's the 4x weakness to stealth rock that does him in. especially if you have a mon with an easy phasing move

    Is it just me or do these look like South Park versions of pokemon?

    I feel that pokemon should have stopped making pokemon at the en of kanto league.

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