Everyone In Watch Dogs Is Edgy

Video: Meet the cast of Watch Dogs in this all-new trailer. There are a lot of guns in the clip above, no? The open-world hacking action game comes out this month.


    The open-world hacking action game comes out this month

    Ok, I'm very worried that this term no longer applies. I'm sure hacking will still be part of the game, but it seems more like hacking is going to be a gimmick that most people will forget outside the tutorial or will be part of rail sequence. It really seems like yet another game where you can bypass the entire game by just pulling in both triggers at the same time.

      I think hacking will be the core of the game where you need to hack through doors to enter certain place and hack traffic lights to escape police chase. Most likely hacking will be the non lethal play style aka stealth.

      Assassins creed was all about being stealthy like assassin but you can always go all out slashing like a mad man to complete the game except the compulsory stealth story part.

        Hacking doors has been an extra is a lot of games, hacking traffic lights will either be up to chance, or always scripted. Even so, you can probably get away from them by just driving.

        and guess what? I hated that about the AC games. I hated how I can easily get into fights that get the same result much faster but with more deaths. I played AC1 using only the hidden blades as they couldn't defend against attacks and you had to get the counter timed just right. It was the only way I could find somewhat of a challenge in that game. Ezio eventually got to the point that not only was I wearing bulk armour that needed 30 hits to break, but I was equipped with dual hidden blades, a long sword, a short sword, a mace, a gun, darts, and bombs. Combat was no challenge, despite the fact that it's supposed to be about avoiding combat.

          That was ACII that you're talking about.

          Wrong protagonist, weapons, armour ect.
          Most of that stuff didn’t show up until the 2nd game.

          I thought the 1st game was much harder, I remember the last battle having to fight 30-odd guys and struggling a bit. Every game since has been a breeze.

            Yes, I know who Altair and Ezio are. I was talking about how AC1 was already easy and in the next 3 games it became easier.

      Let's be realistic here. There was never going to be any actual 'hacking', it was really just 'point special device at other device of interest and press button or play minigame'. There was never going to be any *actual* hacking. Otherwise that would be boring as hell. People seem to delude themselves into believing what they want in terms of what a game is/could be at times. So it has guns, whoop de doo. I'd dislike if you DIDN'T have the option to be a thug. As long as you have the *option* to be smart or to be a thug, that to me is what counts, the absolute variety.

        I know that, I was expecting that. But I thought it would be widely available that you could be creative with setups and reactions.

        I don't mind if there are guns, but I would have liked it if guns would take a back seat to their original advertisement. It would make the game pointless if I can just coast through with guns only. It's like Devil Trigger mode in DMC, or Dark Jak in Jak 2, Rage of the Titans in God of War, the uber mode in a lot of character action games. You have it, it's really good, but you'll always hold on to it for that special moment or in case that giant crab boss secretly has a much bigger crab boss waiting behind it. Eventually you realise you beat the whole game without using it.

        Even in something like GTA, I would always use Franklins focus power. As for Micheal and Trevor? Eh, I used them a couple of times, mostly to complete the mission checklist extra objectives.

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          Wtf WAS Trevors power!? I cant say I ever figured out its use properly lol!

            I think it's like those Rampages missions. His damage power and resistance goes up.

    I feel like I'm the only one who is not the least bit hyped about this game. I predict it won't turn out as well as everyone seems to think it will. I'd love to be proven wrong though, and I may well be!

      No, I'm with you waldofoo. When I first heard about Watch_Dogs it sounded like a neat idea but since then every new piece of news that I've seen has made me less and less interested in this game.

      The hacking sounded like a cool concept but everything I see now is 'it's got guns and parkour! OMG!' Nope.

      It's always just come across as a less fun GTA to me (with the ability to hack cameras.) I know they have some bold ambitions with it though, however I don't see them playing out as expected.

      They announced it and shown it off too early. A lot of the hype has died down. I pre ordered it, but don't really about it now.

      I've got agree with you waldofoo, while I was initially incredibly hyped for this game from it's original reveal trailer a few years ago I find that hype wearing thin with every new trailer I see.

      From noticable graphical downgrades to the fact that you had to clear security network rooms to unlock each region (highly reminiscent of the AC mechanic of unlocking regions either by taking down forts or climbing really really high) I've found myself being less and less excited about this game =\ Here's hoping the game lives up to its original hype though!

    the sound work is terrible, the guns sound cheap and sad...

    There are fat people in the game and thats a variety. It cant fail.

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    I'm still as hyped as ever, but I saw this at E3 and EBExpo and it looked and played great.. however I have not seen the retail build so I'm reserving my judgement. I will get it day 1 regardless though.

    Less and less interested in this game with each piece of new information

    I'm very much looking forward to this game :)

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