Melbourne Is Playing Host To A Real Life Point And Click Adventure Game

Three people walk into a room. The room is pitch black, there is a note on the desk. You light a torch. The note is from your uncle. He has been kidnapped and you must rescue him.

It sounds like the plot of some long forgotten Lucasarts point and click adventure, but this is real life. Sort of. This is Escape Room and it’s taking place in Melbourne. I want to have a go.

Escape Room is essentially a space in Melbourne that has been re purposed to create adventure. Ali Cheetham and Owen Spear have taken a small bungalow in Flemington, recreated an antique study and filled it with a series of connected puzzles. Three people enter and they must work their way out in what essentially amounts to a slightly friendlier version of the movie Saw. Hints come in via Walkie-Talkie and you don’t lose limbs if you get puzzles wrong.

The game lasts 70 minutes and I totally want to try it. It costs $66 to take part and while it’s booked out for the entirety of May, spots in June are available. It’s the first of its kind in Melbourne, possibly Australia, and it look amazing.

You can find out more at the official website.

Entering the Escape Room [Broadsheet]


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