Metal Gear Solid V’s Sexy Cosplay Gets Even Better

Metal Gear Solid V’s Sexy Cosplay Gets Even Better

When Hideo Kojima encouraged folks to cosplay as Quiet, the under-dressed “erotic” sniper in the upcoming Metal Gear Solid, do you think he expected dudes to throw their hat in the ring? I like to think so.

Really, after the fan-art, it was inevitable.

The cosplayer featured above is Kyle Mistry, and while his cosplay doesn’t look like an exact replica of the original Quiet, that doesn’t mean it’s not completely badass in its own way:

And yes, he’s aware the stockings don’t quite match how torn up Quiet’s costume actually is:

Ah, bless gender-bending cosplay.


  • Uh… Sure. If you swing that way.
    Kojima’s a forward thinking guy, I’m definitely sure he’s heard of cross-dressing before.

    • Hahaha, dayumn, I’d need to hit the gym big time! :S
      I’m strongly leaning towards Jill Valentine myself, haha!

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