Microsoft Sure Wants Folks To Find Ryse’s Five-Month-Old Easter Eggs

Are you still playing Ryse, the Xbox One launch game where you play as a gladiator in ancient Rome? Notice any bizarre unexplained happenings in the background, like nude dancing ladies? That might just be one of Ryse‘s weird easter eggs.

Nine surprises have been embedded in the Crytek-developed combat drama. So far, Microsoft says that players have found five of them, presented here in YouTube clips.

Now, presenting these easter eggs out of context creates a bit of a conundrum. If a person were to come across, say, the Sword in the Lake moment organically, they might be weirded out in a ‘hey, what the heck just happened’ way. But, having developers using special fly-through tools to get to the ones that have been found kind of drains the whole experience of the magic of discovery.

That said, Microsoft wants players to find the remaining four easter eggs and have provided some hints for them to do so:

1. In the campaign level “The Wrath of the Nemesis,” there’s a Scorpio in a tower that can be used to shoot many things. Enemies. Pillars. Statues. Firing a few volleys at them will reacquaint you with a familiar face, but not at all like you’re expecting.

2. Hurling a pilum in the water may seem like a waste of lethal weaponry, but if you happen to do it one time too many underneath a certain bridge in the campaign level “Pax Romana,” you will summon a surprise guest.

3. There’s a courthouse with an open roof in the campaign level “Pax Romana” where your pilum can arrange a shocking introduction. Get reckless with them and see what happens.

4. Good things come to those who wait in the campaign level “The Son of Rome.” Once you reach the courtyard, duck behind a curtain and hang out on the steps on the other side for a bit. Keep your eyes on the nearby balcony. Makes you wonder how they got up there, right?

There’s some promotional blather that encourages players to email the gameplay clips to Xbox Live honcho Larry “Major Nelson” Hyrb, for bragging rights. But, really, the point will be that you uncovered these tough-to-find parts of the game on your own, without fancy game-making tools or insider knowledge like the videos above. That’s the real achievement. And, hey, if you’ve already found all nine easter eggs by yourself, share ’em in the comments, will you?


  • Funny how Microsoft have to basically give the clues out for gamers to find the eggs, but Dice could hide the easter eggs behind something as complex as a Millennium prize problem and gamers would crack it. Is the difference here sheer numbers? Or are Battlefield players just rabidly dedicated sleuths?

    • I think it helps that BF players know there are easter eggs to be found. It’s one of those things that you know will be included in every new BF update.

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