More Signs That Big Xbox One Leak Was Real

More Signs That Big Xbox One Leak Was Real

Some rumours are very, very fake. Others turn out to be true — and today's Sunset Overdrive news adds yet more credence to a major Xbox leak from January that predicted a number of still-unannounced titles, including a remake of Halo 2 and a sequel to Forza Horizon.

In January, a user named "ntkrnl" on the message board NeoGAF posted a number of teases and hints for upcoming games on Microsoft's newest console. He claimed that the Halo 2: Anniversary Edition will be out later this year and include a beta for Halo 5; that a sequel to the racing game Forza Horizon will also be announced for later this year; and that the white Xbox One — currently only available to Microsoft employees — will be released to the public.

Halo 5, ntkrnl wrote, will be out in 2015.

At the time, we confirmed that he was connected to Microsoft, but we weren't able to verify all of the leaks. But today one of his January posts about the upcoming Xbox One game Sunset Overdrive stands out:

Sunset Overdrive is set in some weird fucking future (like 2020)

Everyone drinks this fucking drink, Overcharge XT or whatever and you either turn into one of these giganto monsters or you die.

This big corp (Microsoft, lol) takes control of the city trying to wipe this shit out, because its their drink and they fucked up.

Supposedly there is managed content that will be developed for an entire year, as it is an open/breathable world.

Today, Insomniac Games released a new trailer for Sunset Overdrive. In it, drinks created by a big corporation turn the world's inhabitants into monsters. Those specific details weren't public information before today.

While it's certainly possible that the leaker guessed those little details from Sunset Overdrive's E3 teaser trailer last year, it's also yet another validation of what ntkrnl wrote. Xbox boss Phil Spencer has been teasing a Halo 2 remake for quite some time now, and some of ntkrnl's other rumours have also come to fruition in some form, like images of a Titanfall-themed Xbox One that was later shown off by developer Respawn.

In other words, it's become pretty clear that ntkrnl was legit — although of course some of the details in his posts could change over time, particularly the long-term promises. (Crackdown 3, ntkrnl promised, will be out in 2016, as will an Xbox One game by the Japanese studio Platinum.)

For a full rundown of all of the ntkrnl leaks so far, check out this NeoGAF post.


    Pretty sure they teased Halo at last year's E3, so that's not a surprise. Also, I think almost everyone that owns an XBox (and probably even some that don't) were expecting Forza: Horizon 2 this year. There's been speculation about that ever since they announced Forza 5 for release last year, and I fully expect them to adopt an annual release model alternating between regular Forza and Horizon.

      I wonder how a Halo 2 remake would look like, graphically? It would be amazing if they could pull of at least halo 4 graphics of the halo 2 remake, and perhaps some essential features of today's shooter mechanics. But then it wouldn't be a remake would it?
      Would it?

      I thought they teased Halo 5, not the Halo 2 Remastered.

        That's what I meant, but I'm pretty sure they've been hinting at the Halo 2 remake for a while too.

        Last edited 09/05/14 10:49 am

      you probably fully expect that because they already said that's how it will work.

        Oh ok, I didn't realize there had been an official announcement regarding that.

    I really don't want to buy an Xbone but I'll come very close if they announce a Halo 2 remake.

    Halo 2, Forza Horizon 2, and Sunset after Insomniacs last xbox game give me no enthusiasm for an xbox.
    I just hope my ps4 has some more puff after some E3 announcements.
    project beast!!!! ;-)

    Well, if Halo 2: Remastered does indeed happen, and comes with a beta for Halo: 5, then technically they weren't lying when they said the next Halo journey would begin in 2014.

    I mean, it's stretching it a little, but they do that all the time.

    Just waiting to see if any more console news comes from this E3, before we run out and buy an Xbox One. With a little luck, there will be a price shift, or new bundles announced.

    Last edited 09/05/14 1:24 pm

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