Multiplayer Watch Dogs Looks Like GTA Online Plus Hackers

Ubisoft recently had a press event for Watch Dogs and invited YouTubers to get hands on the game. The "Capture the File" multiplayer mode looks like it mixes all the madness of a GTA Online deathmatch with magic hacking superpowers.

Check out the video above to see the game in action. It looks like a standard Capture The Flag match, except instead of a flag, you have to wirelessly 'steal' a file from enemies, because that's how computers work. This leads to hearing a lot of:

He's got the file! They dropped the file! Don't let them use the file!!

That said, the game looks like a lot of fun, even if it isn't revolutionising multiplayer formats.

Watch Dogs Multiplayer Gameplay [JackFrags]


    My impression was that GTA online was already full of hackers.

    Lets make a game that has awesome potential for clever, sneaky multiplayer gameplay focusing on hacking, traps, stealth and out thinking your oponent.

    Whats games modes should we have?

    People like Call of Duty Right? Deathmatch it is then.

    *YAWN* Soo much potental wasted.

      Come over to Splinter Cell Blacklist where we play Spies vs Mercs... The water's warm!

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