Nazi Trucks Don’t Stand A Chance In Sniper Elite 3

Nazi Trucks Don’t Stand A Chance In Sniper Elite 3

Why headshot a single soldier, when you can headshot an entire evil Nazi vehicle? The lengthy new gameplay trailer for Sniper Elite 3 is filled with such terrible greatness.

There is much more to a Sniper Elite game than just shooting things from far away, as the trailer below demonstrates. There’s just nothing quite as satisfying as shooting things from far, far away. I’ve often felt the series would be better if the enemy soldiers exploded when shot — this is the next best thing.

Sniper Elite 3 is hitting North American consoles on July 1, with North American PC and all international versions dropping June 27.


  • This game actually look interesting, I love a game with good stealth mechanics

    • Part 2’s were pretty mediocre, but the sniping was amazing, there’s no game better when the difficulty is cranked up all the way. On the basic levels it’s ‘if its in your scope it’s dead’. At top level, it’s ‘wind, gravity, rain’ etc. I really advise picking up part 2 on Steam first, it’s cheap as hell and quite fun!

      • This.

        I found the more ‘actiony’ scenes (such as the mines) drull and repetitive, where it became just a bland shooter with shoddy stealth mechanics. But the sniping! OH, the sniping! Pretty hyped up for this one; who doesn’t love hardcore ballistics with a gory payoff if you get it right? 😀

        • And when you hit a guy in the clangers….


  • Hhahaha, “genre defining ballistics” – and engines that explode from bullets, for some reason.
    Also, fires from no cover, then watches the explosion from inside some sort of tower.
    Terrible Trailer.

    • I was hoping and praying that when the camera went into the engine bay that the bullet was going to rip open a fuel line and spray over a hot turbo or exhaust manifold to make it a near believable reason for it exploding… but nope. Cast iron blocks just explode in this world it seems!

  • Exactly what i was thinking!
    But then, we’re still in an age of videogames where when a car explodes from C4 it’s not ripped to shrapnel and sent flying, it just gets charred and the doors fall off.

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