New 3DS Pokémon Game Will Teach You How To Draw

New 3DS Pokémon Game Will Teach You How To Draw

Step one, draw some circles. Teaching people to draw and paint on the DS has been the Art Academy series' thing for quite a while, and the series' newest instalment will do the same... except with Pokémon.

As noted by Siliconera, there will be over 100 Pokémon to draw and more than 40 types of lessons to take in Pokémon Art Academy, which will cover techniques ranging from simple, like drawing certain shapes, to more complex, such as shading and 3D-esque painting. Miiverse support is a given, so you'll also be able to share your works of art online.

The game will be out for the 3DS in Japan on June 19. There have been no hints of a Western release so far.

Pokémon Art Academy [Nintendo Japan@YouTube, via Siliconera]


    is there an app similar to this for the galaxy note tablets? I'd love to learn to draw but since i'm not 7 I don't have a 3ds

    A hundred? Okay, yeah, I'm definitely getting this game regardless, but a hundred seems like a little bit of a missed opportunity.

      Sequels, man! 100 per game. That's 6 games with some room for bonus content.

        When a guy named pokedad tells me about Pokemon games, I think I have no choice to believe him.

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