New Dragon Ball Game Headed To The PS4

New Dragon Ball Game Headed To The PS4

The latest issue of Jump reveals that a new Dragon Ball game is in store for the PlayStation 4. It’s the first DB title to be announced for the PS4.

There’s no release date yet, and this being a Japanese announcement, no word on a Western release.

PS4で『ドラゴンボール』シリーズ最新作が発売決定 [ゲーハー黙示録]


  • This sort of announcement is what the Wii U never had and sorely needs. Just some random 3rd party announcing a random 3rd party game.

  • That DB franchise has been so amazingly milked, since the 8-bit era if I remember correctly .

    • It has indeed, but aside from a few bad eggs, the games have been reasonably good. The GBA games (legacy of Goku series) were some of my favourite from that era and I can’t remember how many hours I put into Tenkaichi 2/3

  • I’m pretty excited for this, but then again pretty worried. I only owned Raging Blast 2, which was good if you were a fan of the anime, but the games got progressively worse each release. Hope this one turns out like Budokai 3 or BT3.

    • Yeah Raging Blast 2 was the last one I actually enjoyed. That said Battle of Z wasn’t bad there just wasn’t an option to fight versus ai outside of story mode, which was a major let-down.

  • They really can’t add anything else to it, they’ve done every combo available

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