New Movie Is About Satanic, Killer RPGs

Are you ready to RPG? ARE YOU READY TO RPG?

RPG! RPG! RPG! *does a keg stand while rolling a few D20s*

Seriously though, I can't help but laugh at this trailer for Dark Dungeons, a film based on a 1984 comic made by a Christian fundamentalist. The comic was about students who play "satanic" role playing games like D&D, likely after being egged on by D&D bros. The movie seems to follow that (absurd) idea faithfully, much to my amusement.

This seems like a "so bad it's good" sort of deal, no?

[via Buzzfeed]


    It's by the guys who did "The Gamers," so it's definitely tongue in cheek.


    Believe it or not this article is still worse than the trailer

    Its missing Kevin Sorbo!

    Looks pretty funny. Jack T Chick is the worst. Making a parody of his awful tracts is pretty inspired.

      Yeah, I was all ready to be outraged by the sheer stupidity of turning Chick's fundamentalist arsehattery into a movie, but watching that trailer it's pretty evident they're taking the piss.

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        Maybe it's intended to work on two levels. Terrifying horror movie for Americans, daft comedy for Australians? I'm looking forward to it.

    I actually think the guy with the beard at 0:44 is quoting a line from the 1982 film "Mazes and Monsters" which is a hilariously bad anti-DnD film, starring a very young Tom Hanks.

    That said the idea of adapting some Jack Chick tracts into a film is actually kind of amazing. The trailer didn't do it for me, but I hope the finished product turns out well.

    Who do I see about getting the last 2 minutes of my life back

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