New PS4 Game Has A Very Stupid 'Upgrade'

New PS4 Game Has A Very Stupid

Driveclub is an upcoming PS4 racing game that, in the absence of a next-gen Gran Turismo, is something a lot of people are looking forward. Just be careful which version you buy.

To help lure you in, a "free" copy of the game is being made available to PlayStation Plus subscribers. It's obviously scaled down, with only a few tracks and cars available, although it will let you try out every game mode.

If you like what you play and want the full package, you have two options. There's a full copy being sold on both Blu-ray and the PSN store, which will be your standard racing game. All the tracks, all the cars, you know the deal. You'll need a PS+ subscription for multiplayer, but everything else is yours so long as the disc (or your HDD) and your PS4 survive.

Or, you can "upgrade" the free version to the PlayStation Plus edition, retaining all progress you've made. This is slightly cheaper. Like the disc edition, this will give you access to everything, only with a catch: it will be tied to your PS+ account. Stop subscribing and you won't be able to access the content, even though you paid for it.

So, um, yeah. Screw that. Get the full version or don't get it at all. Below is a trailer that tries to explain all this, and I promise you, it is not satire.


    Doesn't seem all that stupid to me. With everything going online, why wouldn't you have a PS+ subscription anyway? You make the call as to whether you want a digital version or a physical version; and if you plan to buy the digital version you will obviously be buying a subscription every 12 months.

    I don't have a problem with the PS+ Edition, it is 20% of the total game and you can get the Platinum trophy if you so wish.

    The "Upgrade" I don't agree with though and just hoping it was simple a horrible mis-communication somewhere down the line.

    I get the feeling that this is something that will be cleared up and reverted back to how it's always been for buying an upgrade to full version.

    Hang on. Isn't the video saying that "Drive Club PS+ Edition" is the free version made available to PS+ subscribers?

    What I took from the video is that the choice PS+ subscribers have is to continue using the free version or upgrade to the full version, rather than there being a second paid version that expires if you cancel PS+ (like the free version does).

    So the Evolution of Racing is nothing to do with the game but how you buy it?

    Seems like an unsmart way of advertising.

    If you upgrade the PS+ Edition you must maintain a PS+ subscription to play it. It's official from both Sony and the developer Evolution.

    If you’re an active PlayStation Plus subscriber and have been playing the PlayStation Plus Edition, but decide you want the full DRIVECLUB experience, you can purchase a one-time upgrade for $49.99. This will give you access to all five locations, 55 tracks, 50 cars and all 50 tour events, as long as your PlayStation Plus subscription remains active. emphasis added.

    Shit thing is shit.

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      On one hand, I understand that the game is supposedly socially orientated and you would have to be subscribed to plus to actually 'enjoy' the key feature of the game and so this shouldn't really be an issue.

      The fact remains that is it not nice... AT ALL, and should not even be an issue in the first place! I don't like post PS4 Sony so far. Gone are the AAA PS+ games (So far anyway), indies are great but there is no variety, and now this BLATANT cash grab to take advantage of what is looking like an election promise.

      Makes me reconsider why I don't just play on PC/ WiiU instead where the multiplayer is free to boot. Could trade in the PS4 for Mariocart 8 which is practically 2 games with the rewards program and some steam credit with the remainder. Only thing holding me back is all the PS+ games I have on Vita.

        I agree, this is a terrible development for consumers. I can try to put some of your other complaints to rest.

        The reason there aren't any AAA games in the 'Your Instant Game Collection' is the console is only 6 months old and they need AAA publishers to get on board. Considering the costs of early development... it's going to take a while. The only publisher you'll see onboard early is Sony themselves. Before too long Killzone will be added to the 'Your Instant Game Collection', a while after that Infamous etc. Indies love the exposure of theYIGC as it means possibly millions will download their game, and they hopefully get a following and then they download their next game, it's a great system. Not without it's faults, those that do not make it to YIGC can struggle.

        Paying for online, well that's not good, paying just isn't a thing people like to do, but if you justify the cost people are willing. Sony will be offering dedicated servers for all games, similar to Xbox Live. This costs money. The reason why PS3 online was always inferior was because XBL had these dedicated servers, Sony is going to roll these out soon. You should see an actual difference in your online experience... hopefully. Comparing the online experience of both the PS4 and Xbone to the Wii is like running a race between Usain St. Leo Bolt and Quentin Kenihan sans wheelchair. PC, well just forget it, free online is all that was, all there is and all there ever will be.

        It's not all bad, it's just early days. Sony, MS and Nintendo are having to find ways to maintain an income base that is being eroded by mobile and online. There are going to be some fairly odorous policies come out of the next few years, we just have to be on our game and ensure we don't reward them. Xbox One's early policies, and this is just the beginning of a brave new frontier between platform owners and consumers.

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          I understand all that and I don;t think anyone doesn't understand it takes time, but my point was that PS+ started out as almost 'too good' to be true. And I do see the bubble popping at some point when/ if Sony allow it.

          I don't think its's a coincidence that even on other platforms we are getting fewer newer games and more indies. Don't get me wrong we have no 'right' to them, but when it is a large part of the incentive to keep paying I can see this being an issue if it doesn't get addressed (And yes as I have said I understand the circumstances, was aware of the time it would take for stuff to filter through and hope for the best but I do feel that my concern is justified.)

          On the good side: With the change to this policy (And others previously on all sides due to demand) it looks like, FOR NOW, this gen belongs to the gamers.

    The video does mention that if you buy the PS+ upgrade edition, you'll have access as long as your PS+ subscription is active.

    Wait wait wait wait..... Was Driveclub not promised for FREE TO PS+ members, since the PS4 was announced? i recall that promise being for the full game, not a half arsed demo.... which is essentially what we are being offered.... how are people ok with this???

    Edit: just double checked the announcement. they did mention PS Plus edition, but its a bit misleading when they are talking about how it will be part of the instant game collection, which is usually only full versions, not free to play.

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      How dare you take issue with the People Savior 4.

      These are my thoughts exactly. When the plus version was announced it was said a few tracks and cars would be missing, not that you would get a few tracks and cars. Of course it always seemed to me that they would never sell any retail copys of the game at full price if that was the case but that is what was promised. Also, it is disappointing that sony is being given a free pass on this because they are the flavour of the year, where if it happened with either of their main competitors, it likely would have drawn more criticism.

      Well i am steering well clear of that upgrade option. I constantly let my PS+ run out when there is nothing worthwhile coming out (basically haven't subbed since 1 month after ps4 launch as only indie games have been out for ps4 ps+, most of which i have no interest in).

      Will sub again just a few days prior to E3 as that is normally a big month but after they announced ps4 multi will require ps+, i always knew that the value of the games they would be giving away would decrease substantially...

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    I don't have a PS4, but as long as you understand why you're getting it cheaper I don't really get the outrage. It's an option, not the only way to get it.

      The outrage i guess is, is that you are paying almost full price for this game if you choose the upgrade route and yet you loose access to it if you let your PS+ subscription lapse. So lets say you don't have the money that month to renew ps+. You loose access to a game you basically paid full price for, on top of your PS+ Sub and now because you don't have the money for PS+ this month, you have lost access to it until you get PS+ back...

      No other PS Plus discounted game has ever had this requirement before - as in if you paid for something that was discounted with your PS+ subscription, you always kept the game, regardless if you let your subscription lapse.

      Also while i have little interest in Driveclub itself, i am more worried that this may set a precedent as i imagine that these "Plus Editions" may start replacing full games in the future for PS4 instant game collection games.

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    It's a good thing that players will be able to afford their PS+ subs for the life of the console with all the money they saved by not buying a PC.

    I don't have a problem with this. No reason not to let PS+ sub drop anyway. But i'll just be playing PS+ version to get my racing fix then pick up full version 6 months down the track second hand for $20.

    Seems like users should treat the ps+ version as a demo and purchase the retail or psn copy if they want the full experience. The upgrade is pointless because its tied to your account like an instant game collection title without the benefit of purchasing a title and having it never expire on you. Still I cant be too mad, I'm one of those people who will probably just play the PS+ edition.

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    The PSN Plus version is basically a fancy demo. I have no problem with that. The main issue is if the full digital version is tied to PSN Plus. That would be crazy. I haven't heard that anywhere. Surely it's tied to the bog standard PSN account. Only free games should be tied to the Plus account. PSN Plus should give you the benefit of reduced prices but the game you buy should be linked to the basic account for proof of identity. Even if Sony still owns the media, the rights to play the full game should belong to the user who paid for it, not Sony. The user is the basic PSN account. I'll have to hear that from a Sony statement before I believe it in an article such as this.

    If it is true then it truly is a utter disgrace and needs to change real quick because it's very close to the scam MS tried to pull. The article should have put in a link to the Sony statement so it can be verified. Why was that not done?

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    They've done this because its not really that good. It was way behind he competition 6 months ago and it is only less so now. Hello Project Cars.

    Hey guys.. why cant you just be happy were getting a free edition on ps plus? Ps plus only costs 50 dollars a year while xbox costs a extra 10 dollars.. I think its great that they are offering this edition at all. I was planning on just getting the standard game but now ill just upgrade.. but not if its over 20 gb if it is.. ill have to stick with the standard edition anyway.. this is a very "smart" upgrade and I dissagree with the author of this article.

    This is terrible, I mean, what if someone like EA did this with Origin? The Internet would absolutely crucify them for it, but apparently it's okay because it's Sony and "SONYY R BEZT COMPENY EVAR!!1!11"

    I don't see a problem with this. It's clearly states, "if you're an active playstation plus subscriber". If you're not, or are afraid that somehow, someday you involved in a situation that includes your PS4 and no internet, then buy a digital or physical copy.

    if the "upgrade" is within the game(free version) itself then i believe it is an issue with the actual game being classed as "free for ps plus users" where by what ive seen of Sony's policies is that if it is "free for ps plus users" then a ps plus subscription is required to play the game. if the game is a "ps plus discounted product" then the ability to play the game should persist long after the subscription ends.

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