New Unreal Tournament Announced, Will Be Totally Free

New Unreal Tournament Announced, Will Be Totally Free

Epic Games is making a new Unreal Tournament game, they announced today on their livestream. It will be developed in collaboration with fans, and it will be free.

That’s not free-to-play, Epic promises. Free. No microtransactions here — Epic’s cut will come from the community marketplace, where fans can sell what they make in the new Unreal Tournament, and Epic will take a cut.

“We’re planning on doing it in close collaboration with you, the community,” Epic’s Steve Polge said on stream.

It will be out for Linux, PC, and Mac. There’s no game just yet — when Epic says they’re making it with fans, they really mean that they’re making it with fans.

“We’re basically starting today,” said Epic’s David Spalinski.

Anyone interested in working on the game can sign up and participate on the Unreal website.


      • hehe yep me too. First for me was good old Wolf3d on the old 8086. Ahh the fun of creating customised boot floppy discs to make sure you had enough free ram to be able to load the game 😉
        autoexec.bat and config.sys FTW!

        actually about all I really remember of UT was the gun that launched round blades that you could bounce off walls to decapitate people.

  • Oh how I loved the Instagib mutator in the original. So much fun at LAN parties… Bring this on!

  • Player quality will be terrible then.
    even though i never grew up with UT series, it’s one of my favorite shooters.
    edit: bypass moderation

  • Hrm, they don’t mention if they’ll be accepting pull requests. Weird.

  • UE4 looks amazing. the new UT is going to be absolutely insane. *sits here and waits patiently*.

  • Oh man, I played the stuffing out of the original UT back in the day. Still have great memories of setting up a LAN server at work for those of us working over Christmas-New Year. Made an otherwise boring few days totally amazing. Good times!

  • Wouldn’t you class the selling of items whether it’s fan made or not as microtransactions? Either way this sounds good to me!

    • Yeah but from what I am reading it is totally optional stuff, like the things you can buy for Dota2, doesn’t give you any advantage at all, doesn’t stop you doing a thing if you haven’t purchased anything. I guess technically they are microtransactions, but completely optional and you don’t miss out on a thing if you decide not to buy anything.
      (Sorta like the difference between a quest giver offering a quest ‘only if you click here to buy the dlc’, and a quest giver still offering the same quest to everyone in all cases, but wearing a funny hat if you decide to buy the funny hat for him (maybe bad analogy though hehe).)

  • So, Epic have announced a new UT, but they havent even started making it?
    And here I though it was going to be the usual announcement with a release in 6 to 12 months.

  • UT99 and UT2k4 best thing (besides the games themselves) was the community’s maps, models, skins, mods and mutators, and now they wanna stick a pricetag on it.
    No sir, I don’t like it.

    They’re planning on letting the people’s voices be heard as the game is developed, which can either be a good thing (let’s make it like UT99!) or a bad thing (we need kill streaks, slower movement and executions).

    To read between the lines a little, free to play and an online marketplace for content? We’re likely looking at an online-only game. I guess this won’t bother a lot of people, you probably spend all your computer time online and you probably spent all your classic UT time online. Not me though, I was all about the “campaign” and the bot matches. Those were good days.

    Anyway, a more severe repercussion is of course, lag. Let’s hope that, unlike Blizzard and the curious case of Diablo 3, players will ultimately be able to host local matches, like the LAN days of old.

  • Well my excitement is gone.

    I really liked the original UT in the day. It was endless fun. Whether online, against friends, with bots and so forth.

    I played the following ones to a much smaller extend. They were always fun though.

    However this just seems like some community project. I wish they went off, developed a new game and then went from there with this community involvement. I can see disaster all over this.

  • I like that their poster in the background is for the best UT there ever was. 🙂

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