New Videos Appear Of Project Beast

It looks like a Souls game. It moves like a Souls game. The mysterious Project Beast hasn't been officially acknowledged yet, but many are speculating it's a next-gen Demon's Souls — and we now have four new ultra-quick videos to tease us.

Before, we only had some screenshots to go by — and while they certainly looked legitimate, it can always be hard to tell. One of these new videos even has the From Software tag on it — which of course is easily added, but the graphics don't look like they were created by an amateur.

Take it with a grain of salt. But still... Mmm. Souls-ey.

Have a look for yourself. It might be your next trip down Misery Lane.

[Video 1] [Video 2] [Video 3] [Video 4]

Thanks, Luke!



    EDIT: Wait a minute. I remember saying the same thing when DS2 was first showcased. And while it turned out to be great, I'm not getting hyped ever again.

    Last edited 30/05/14 2:55 pm

      I'll take your place then.


        Upon further contemplation, I'm back to OMG OMG OMG OMG!

        EDIT: Seriously, what the hell was I thinking, questioning that this can be anything but damn awesome. *kisses his DS2 statue*

        Last edited 30/05/14 3:23 pm

          Apparently Miyazaki and a bunch of the guys who did Dark Souls 1 and Demons but skipped Dark souls 2are helming this one.

          So OMG OMG OMG OMG!


        Same after getting a virtual slap in the face by @junglist. To me this excitement is the equivalent to engaging in BDSM with the girlfriend. I know it'll be painful, but so damn awesome at the same time.

        Those are not tears of pain... they are tears of joy I'm having.

      Dark Souls 2 - 0% Miyazaki.
      Project Beast - 100 Miyazaki

      Get hype brotha.

    Having chills of awesomeness watching this. Next gen souls!

    Fog gate, now with added souls. :)


    Imagine Sony dropping the bomb that this would be out in time for Christmas!

    Mid 2015 would be my guess...

    I swear to god if this is another bullshit "in game" video I am pirating it.

      You're going to pirate a PS exclusive? Is that even possible?

    Hope it stays a god damn exclusive, my Ps4 needs a reason to live damn it

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