Nintendo Made A GameCube Controller Adaptor For Wii U

Nintendo Made A GameCube Controller Adaptor For Wii U

Sneaky Nintendo — at the end of a video advertising their upcoming Smash Bros. tournament at E3 in two weeks, the house of all things Mario just announced a GameCube controller adaptor for the Wii U.

It's unclear how this will be sold, if it's sold at all. Nintendo says the Wii U version of Smash Bros. will be playable with GameCube controllers, so presumably we'll be able to get our hands on this thing in some way or another:

We're asking Nintendo for more details. In the meantime, you can watch the full Smash Bros. Invitational trailer below.

Nintendo Made A GameCube Controller Adaptor For Wii U


    Now can Nintendo please announce they are going to make some GC controllers. My old GC controllers ones are so worn out at this point i wouldn't want to use them.

      You can find them online from a few different places. I have recently bought two new ones from eBay for ~$40.

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        Cheers. I probably should grab one in anticipation of Smash even though its probably coming out 2015 -__-

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          Dude it's this fall 2014

      Given that there's a Smash Bros. branded controller in the shot, there's a good chance they'll release those too.

      LOL i love this idea, but i agree i broke all mine playing viewtiful joe :(

    Instead of doing this, I don't understand why they don't just release wireless GC controllers to use with the Wii U. I sold my GC controllers years ago.

      I've still got my wavebird. Be unlikely, but I'm holding out some slim hope they'll make some more.

      They should do that, but at the same time I’d be f*cking fuming if I was asked to buy more Gamecube controllers when I already have a bunch of them around from the GC/ Wii.

      You probably shouldn’t have sold them! They aren’t the easiest things to get hold of anymore and they’re still the best way to play most games on the Wii.

        I sold them when I sold my Wii. I figured I wouldn't need them anymore, especially after they released that model of the Wii that didn't have GC support.

        I retained my wii remote pluses as well as a classic controller pro just in case I ever bought a Wii U (which coincidentally, I plan on doing this weekend), so the pro controller will have to do.

          Ahhh that sucks.

          Oh well, have fun with your new machine this weekend at least!

      Then they would have the GC controller, the Wii U GC controller, the wiimote, the classic controller, the classic controller pro, the Wii U gamepad and the Wii U pro controller. Which would be crazy. If that were the case they would have been better off just changing the Wii U pro controller so it's more GCish.

      I love this solution because it means I no longer have to buy a Wii U pro controller just for smash, and I get more value from my old GC controllers.

        If that were the case they would have been better off just changing the Wii U pro controller so it's more GCish.

        In hindsight, that's probably what they should have done.

          If Nintendo could go back and fix all the things they fucked up in hindsight the WiiU would be absolutely unrecognisable (and not called the WiiU).

          They SHOULD have just put a wireless receiver for the Wavebird inside the console when they made it (as well as this 4 port thing as an accessory), then released some shiney new controllers that were essentially Wavebirds (in layout) but with rumble added.

          Then people could have used their existing Wavebirds and we would have had great GC/ Wii support from day 1 without the ridiculous mash-up of controllers they have now.

      Because this is being released for smash bros, most people that really want to use GC controllers with smash bros are competitive players hence they prefer wired because of latency

    I just hope GC controllers count as Wi U pro controllers for all games, like Wind Waker HD

      That'd be nice, but a bit too wishful. The Pro controller has 3 more buttons than the GC one and I'm sure some games will need all of 'em.

    Oh yes, time to use my favourite Wave Bird controller :D !

    White glossy wireless GameCube Wii U controllers would be sick, the Wii U Pro controllers actually aren't bad though (the GC ones are just more preferable).

    This is a good move by Nintendo and is a move to fix one of my main concerns regarding the WiiU.

    In the absence of many good 3rd party titles I really wanted the WiiU to become a HUB for all things Nintendo.
    The problem is my Wii is full of Vitrual Console games, has GC disc support and has GC controller support (which I used for most Wii games where possible).

    The WiiU offers little extra on the Vitrual Console, the lack of a decent accounts system means I have to port my Wii VC games over to the WiiU (at an extra cost).
    My understanding is that it then blocks those games from being reused on the Wii, plus I would have had to fork out for a (subjectivly) inferior WiiU controller in the absence of GC contoller support.

    It just hasn't been worth it. At least now if I buy a WiiU I can play Mario Kart and Smash Bros (providing they patch GC controller support into Mario Kart) as they were intended, with 4 mates on the lounge, without having to spend an additional $200 on extra WiiU controllers.

      You can always hack the Wii mode on the Wii U (its extremely easy) and use Devolution (if you have the discs) or Nintendont (if you want to obtain downloads some way) and then you'll be able to play GC games on the Wii U.

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    Do I see two usb cables being used by this thing?

      Looks like it. I'd say that powering 4 GC controllers wouldn't be possible on a single USB cable.

      that was my immediate reaction too, as WhitePointer said it must be a power thing although it would be nice to have the option of an AC adaptor and a single usb cable too free up the other usb port or hey hopefully leaving one usb cable unplugged simply disables a few of the controller ports.

      Still awesome too have support for a controller for a system that's 13 years old! Would be amazing if Sony and MS supported Xbox and PS2 controllers ^_^

    the GCN controller is still my favorite.
    i have my 2 wavebirds and 2 cabled controllers ready to go for this adapter.

    im interested in the 2 usb connections in the picture though. thats a bit odd

    Why not just release a Pro controller in the shell of a Gamecube controller? They'd need to add the missing trigger on the left side and clickable analogue sticks so it has the same amount of buttons, but it could be Pro Controller - Retro Gamecube Edition.

    Unless they are re-releasing the Gamecube controller it's going to be difficult for people to track them down if they don't have them lying around in working condition.

    Is there anyway to play actual physical GC games with the WiiU (backwards capability), or is it only through their online catalogue?

      You can if you hack wii mode, its fairly easy to do and they run pretty well.. but no, you cant play gc on the wii u any other way, gc games arent available on the eshop

    Well the Gamecube controller is still pretty much the best ever so this is excellent news.

    I've still got my secondary GC controller (which I kept for the Wii). I now wonder if this means they'll release a whole bunch of GC games on the Virtual Console soon?

    Ooh, me likey.

    But mostly wanting to use it for plugging Cube controllers into the PC :P

    Best controller ever, and I still have 3 wavebirds. WIN.

    WHOA WHAT?! I always figured Brawl's support of the GC controller was simply because the Wii had support for GC controllers due to it's backwards compatibility and they just took advantage of this fact. Looks like they think the GC controller is still the best way to play Smash Bros!

      its because people that play in comps prefer the gc controller

    I think it's interesting that people hail Nintendo as the champions of innovation and berate Sony and Microsoft for being so safe and living in the past, but they need to release this to make their older games play better. Aren't Nintendo the kings of controllers? Isn't this just living in the past in a way that puts MS and Sony to shame?

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    Thanks to this being USB, can't wait to see it get hacked to run Gamecube controllers on Dolphin. Bonus points since you'll be able to buy this at BIG W and other major retailers.

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