Nolan's Interstellar Is Looking Stellar

When was the last time we had a really top notch near-future science-fiction flick? Children of Men? That was a while back. After watching the trailer to Christopher Nolan's latest project Interstellar, my hype levels are stratospheric. Nolan's (in my opinion) hit a duff note with The Dark Knight Rises; this looks like it could be a spectacular return to form.

Interstellar is a story about space travel, but it's also a film about resources. It looks as though it's set in a near future where humanity is struggling to feed themselves and the survival of the human race is dependent on some form of space colonisation. Matthew Mcconaughey stars in the leading role as an ex-engineer/pilot willing to take the risk of interstellar flight in order to save his family.

Just the trailer gave me the ol' goosebumps.


    I've never been a huge Nolan fan but I am really hyped for this movie.

    I feel like Moon and Source Code aren't being given their dues here, they both came after Children of Men.

      Or Looper.

        I'm not sure I'd call Looper near future science fiction. Source Code is a kind of a similar La Jetee typed concept too, isn't it?

          I'd consider Looper and Source Code more sci-fi than Children of Men (though I admit it's been a while since I saw any of them).

        I enjoyed Looper, but I felt both it and Source Code fell flat due to their own internal logic being flawed.

    to a lesser extent we've had both primer and upstream colour, and under the skin is looking pretty amazing too

    Really love this trailer. Nowadays blockbuster trailer have too many Fade in/out. They are really painful to watch eg. Transformers, X-men and etc. The music is really good too, reminded me of Gattaca for some reasons. anyway, looking forward to this movie!

    Didn't like Dark Knight Rises!? I like a personal opinion here or there - my granpapy fought in the war to let us all have one - but that sort of opinion is clearly the first signs of madness and by all accounts you should be committed.

    Doesn't Gravity fit into that genre pretty snug?

      Yeah I was gonna say Gravity too.

      There's also no limit to the amount of times I can watch 2001 A space odyssey, I was kinda getting those vibes from the trailer (the warpy space time sphere)

      I wouldn't really count Gravity as a Sc-Fi. More a Drama (possibly considered a Thriller) that just happens to be set in space.

      There wasn't anything in Gravity that pegged it as being set in the future though. It's a disaster scenario that people have speculated about for a while, and doesn't need any special future technology to bring about.

      So while it is a good movie, it isn't forward looking in the same way as the others.

        Ahhh OK I see what you mean.

        We all agree that Elysium sucked though right? Surely.

          That's a yes from me.

          Nope. Just watched it today and still pretty good.

    You folks need to check out Solaris, the original Russian and Soderberg remake. Both are brilliant and make Moon seem a little redundant. I liked Moon, but it's been done better before more or less...

      from what you just wrote i'm doubting you have seen solaris. it and moon are completly different stories your link between them being similar is tenuous at best. you may as well have compared The abyss with Sphere as they are both under water

      Last edited 19/05/14 5:13 pm

      Both Solaris films are amazing. The first is a little long-winded, but essential viewing. The remake was just as great (and arguably superior?) and also essential viewing. But I still think Moon is one of the greatest films I have seen... it's right up there with BladeRunner and 2001 for me. What it lacked in originality, it made up for in sheer atmosphere and heart. Sam Rockwell, who has always been awesome, is a revelation in Moon. It should have been a star-making turn, but you know, the masses don't do well with the slowburn types.

      Gravity was merely decent, but among all the spectacle and bombast was a completely generic morality tale we've seen done a million times before. Not quite cerebral enough to stimulate the mind, neither popcorn flick enough to just switch off and enjoy. I actually found it to be a big disappointment, considering Cuarons' track record.

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    Hey, Serrels! Don't forget other near future sci-fi beauties like Sunshine, District 9 and Moon! Spread the appreciation :p

    Last edited 19/05/14 10:10 pm

      Gareth Edwards' Monsters was pretty great too. And he's just announced a sequel.

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