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I have never broken a bone in my body. I'm quite proud of that. My brother? He's broken every bone in his body. Broken wrist, broken nose, broken collar bone, broken jaw, broken cheekbone, fractured skull. Unbelievable. What's the worst injury you guys and girls have sustained?

I guess the worst for me, bizarrely, is just a bruised ligament in my ankle. That's as bad as it has ever gotten for me, which is weird because I played a lot of sports growing up and I still do. I've also done a lot of stupid stuff that should have resulted in grievous bodily harm. Guess I just got lucky!

Let us know what crazy injuries you've had in the comments below.


    two reasonably mild ones compared to some!

    School ski trip to NZ when I was in about year 11, was snowboarding for the first time. I was ok on the board, but absolutely hated the chair lift where they made you drop your trailing leg out of the board so only one leg was attached. I always fell coming off the lift, anyway, towards the end of the day I went up the lift, prepared to get off/fall again, unfortunately for me, my legs and my body disagreed on which direction to go, which resulted in the board going left and my body going right, which totally inverted my knee (which was connected to the board) as the weakest point. End result was my knee cap pointing 180 degrees in the wrong direction and tearing all the tendons to pieces. Got a run down from the top of the mountain via the ambo skiers for my trouble and quite a long recovery period.

    Luckily that happened towards the end of the trip, unlike our group doctor who, on the first day of the trip, stepped off the tour bus and slipped on black ice, broke his leg in clean in two.

    My second one was considerably more painful, as a kid at my parents house we had a MASSIVE rope swing, this thing was at least 15m high worth of thick rope with knots every metre or so hanging off a huge gum tree.

    One day I had managed to climb near the top, and feeling quite proud started to slide back down. Somehow (and I really don't know how), one of the knots was slightly loose, and as I was sliding back down, my little finger became caught in the knot. At which point I decided to let go of the rope. This, coupled with my weight let the knot tighten right around my pinky finger, leaving me hanging and screaming. I guesstimate it was about 10min before my dad heard me and could get me down. My finger was shattered into a number of pieces and stretched out a little longer than my middle finger.

    To add insult to injury, I'm at the doctors and they are trying to set the bone, they tried to give me a local anesthetic, I clearly remember him saying 'it will feel like a little bee sting' when the needle goes in, then it will be fine. Unfortunately for him, although he was aiming for one of the finger joints, because the bone was so badly shattered the needle went into the bone, at which point I jerked my hand back from the paint, which then managed to snap the tip of the needle off! It was definitely worse than a bee sting! My finger never set completely straight after that and is still bent a bit to this day!

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    Most painful injury I've ever had was when I was around 7.

    I was sitting on the back seat of my mums bike and I accidentally let my foot swing into the spokes. It shredded my achillies tendon and almost cut the bottom of my foot off :S
    My mum had to tie the bottom and top of my foot together with a sock while she drove me 45 minutes to hospital :S
    The doctors thought I was a burns victim because of all the black grease in the wound.

    It's all good now though! :D

    I feel lucky. Worse that has happened to me was a fractured skull in 2 places from falling backwards off of our back fence and landing on a stone garden ornament when I was 5.

    First Knee Injury: Complete rupture of ACL, stage 2 MCL tear, torn meniscus torn cartilage.
    2nd Knee Injury: stage 3 ACL Tear.
    3rd Knee Injury: Stage 3 ACL Tear. ( Same leg as second)

    Broken ribs to date: 9 Including 4 submerged under my sternum
    in 2010 i had 18 stitches put into my face after getting assaulted by someone and not fighting back because i didn't see the point.

    When i was 15 i tore my acl stage 2.

    Torn rotor cuff after dislocating the same shoulder twice in 10 minutes from high impact AFL and then driving home and playing for a further 3 weeks with the injury.

    think thats it :)

    Both ankles, both wrists, 2 ribs (at the same time), 4 toes, 2 fingers, nose, collar bone, (snapped achilles count?) In addition a total of ~200 stitches in various places.

    All on separate and equally mundane occasions. Just clumsy/reckless/stupid I guess :(

    I've had 3 broken arms, 5 or 6 broken fingers and a broken toe. I've also just found out I need to have corrective surgery for my nose which apparently is mutated and weird inside to the point where I only have one functioning nostril

    Broken nose and 2 ribs in a car crash.
    Fractured skull in bicycle crash in London.
    Broken elbow in (world's lowest speed) bicycle crash.
    Broken ribs tripping over when running to catch up with friends in the way to AFL match at the MCG last year. Missed the first half in the first aid room, missed the following week from work...
    Several broken toes playing frisbee barefoot in my student days (left big toe, left little toe 3 times...)

    Chain snapped on Ride To Work Day last year, just before the Roundabout Of Death (bottom of Royal Parade), sliced calf open on the chainring. 5 stitches. Completed the Around The Bay 250km 4 days later. Got a lovely chainring teeth tattoo on the back of my leg now from the chain grease.

    Astonishingly, and despite having ridden well over 100,000km on pushbikes in my life, I've not yet done a collarbone. It's only a matter of time.

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    I might have broken a finger once; not sure. It hurt for at least a week and was very bruised and swollen, but I never got a professional to look at it.

    Every single finger and toe on both hands/feet (more than once). Ribs more than one occasion, Cheekbone, Hand (more than once from memory), and the bad one was a fractured skull resulting in a blood clot on the brain (similar to Michael Schumachers injury just not as severe and i wasn't skiining.). However i have osteoperosis so that may explain the breaks some of that have simply been from being picked up as a kid or kneeling on my hands to play with a toy.

    I'm currently at home nursing a broken wrist I've had to have pinned, there other wrist either had a minor break or is sprained and no skin on a knee care of a motorcycle accident.

    Worst part is I'm stuck at home bored out of my brain and can't game. Can't hold a controller, can't use a mouse, and the only way I can really type is swipe keyboard on windows phone 8.1.

      Civilization 4 time. Can be played with one finger poking gently at a keyboard... All movement on the numpad, and there are keyboard options for everything else. :)

      Edited: Oh, and get well soon! :)

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        Lost marathon at this point haha. Never saw the end because the tv networks screwed the schedule up, and missed bits and pieces here and there.

    About 6-8years old on holidays fell out of a top bunk on the way down used my jaw to try and slow my self down didn't work so climbed back up into bed crying with blood every where,went to ED the doctor said I was just being a sook sent us home 3 weeks later went to the sick bay at school for a swore jaw and was told I had my jaw fractured in 3 spots

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