Old Harry Potter Games Were Absurd

I never played any of the older Harry Potter games, and now, watching Criken2 play through the PlayStation version of Harry Potter and The Sorceror's Stone, I'm not sure if that is a mistake or not.

I mean. On the one hand, WIZARD CRACKERS (???). On the other hand, cripes... this version of Hogwarts is the worst.

Old Harry Potter Games Were Absurd
Old Harry Potter Games Were Absurd

Criken's Quickies: Swag Master Harry Popper [criken2]


    I liked Philosophers Stone and Chamber of Secrets on pc. They were fun.

      I had Chamber of Secrets on the Xbox as a kid. I rather enjoyed the Quidditch section, even though it was just flying through hoops.

        If you liked that, you'll love Superman 64!

    My only memory of playing this game is my parents telling me to turn the subwoofer we'd just got down..

    Oh the memories, I actually spent a surprising amount of time playing these.

    Back in the old country you could not buy games. Only machete and phig. This one of last game I given as pikinini for Flaystation one. I phlay por many hour.

    *to bed read in a Russian accent but read as a Papua Niuginian would speak pronouncing F as P and P as F.*

    stop with the huge GIFs, it's retarded >:(

      Ha. This is nothing. Patricia's article on Destiny the other day had several 40MB and 13MB image files in it with an estimated page size of about 250MB.

    Aw man, I used to love this game and now I can't ever look at it the same :<

    Harry potter quidditch world cup

    Now that was a fun game
    And the PC versions of chamber of secrets and philosphers stone were some good shit

    Gba versions were meh

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