One Developer's Poignant Open Letter To The AAA Game Industry

Ryan Lee, or Belbeeno on Twitter, had been working at United Front Games for five years and he loved it, but needed a change. So he quit his job to make indie games. But before leaving he created an poignant open letter to AAA development in the form of a video game. Anyone who has ever felt tired of the 9 to 5 grind is going to empathise.

You can play the game here.

It's really well produced. By far my favourite part of the game is the manner in which you think you are somewhere and then all of a sudden you are transported somewhere else. It's a really clever trick.

"This game took about 3 to 4 solid days of work; I wanted to try out a couple of things to see how feasible they were in Unity as an exercise for a later game," explained Ryan, on his website. "Also, I had a lot of 'serious feels' that I needed to get out of my system and onto some sort of medium. I ended up over scoping, and I hacked this game out pretty viciously. Nevertheless, I'm actually very happy with what came out!"

Ryan also put together a neat timelapse video of the work he put into creating the game.You should totally watch that as well.

Ryan is currently working on a couple of games, the first of which will most likely be a puzzle game of some kind. Head to his website for more info!


    I need to admit, I tried jumping in front of the train a lot....

    Most people who have been in game development for more than 5 years feel exactly the same.

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