Impa's New Look Is One Of The Coolest Things In Hyrule Warriors

Dayshot: One of the coolest things inHyrule Warriors, the upcoming Zelda spin-off for the Wii U, will be definitely the new look of Impa, Princess Zelda's bodyguard. While she typically appeared as an old lady in most of the previous games, this new warrior design is just completely awesome.

Dayshot showcases some of the prettiest, funniest game-related screenshots and art that we can find.


    You know that design is based on young Impa in Skyward Sword, right?

    Saying that... Impa still looks really awesome in Hyrule Warriors.

      she actually looks hot, in a cartoony way of course, whereas I never got that vibe before. It's kinda cool.

    skyward sword ruined zelda for me , im a gamer of 20 years and i do not get jiggy with forced motion controls , skyward sword was the only zelda game i did not complete and i admit that openly

    Impa's been a warrior on and off since OoT. Do you even Zelda, bro.

      True that. She totally deserves her own game about how she trained Zelda in OoT to become a freakin' badarse ninja.

    Man, I kind of can't wait to see who else is playable

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