Opening A Soda Bottle With A Chainsaw Is A Terrible Idea

File this under "don't try this at home, kids" — this is the sort of thing that's probably best experienced via YouTube. Because opening a bottle with a bottle opener isn't extreme enough, Slow Mo Lab decided to use a chainsaw instead.

Frankly, I'm surprised the entire bottle doesn't just explode on contact. It's a freakin' chainsaw!

Opening Cider and Coke with a Chainsaw in Slow Motion[Slo Mo Lab]


    hmmn, first saw this happen about 10 years ago, now opening a bottle with a helicopter, thats cool
    few compilations out there on youtube, hundreds with the chainsaw

    Well that was incredibly disappointing. I came in expecting it to be about doing a cross cut (ie. lopping the neck off below the lid) not just using the chainsaw teeth to pop the top off.

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