Pick The Brain Which Created Our Real Life Zombie Game, Patient 0

Real life game design is becoming more and more popular, and one of the best recent examples of this is IRL Shooter, a group which puts on live zombie apocalypse events. In a week, Melbournians will have an opportunity to see the creators of IRL Shooter live and ask them questions, as a part of a talk on putting together sizeable events.

The group's first event, which staged a massive zombie attack, involved over 6,000 people. It was also quite a unique event, and the organisers are bound to have insights that don't even come with a normal event that size.

Patient 0 received a lot of attention due to its uniqueness and size, and together with similarly well-received real life games such as Escape Room, it's a type of entertainment that will only grow in the future. If you're thinking about getting in on it, better to let others make the mistakes while you learn from them. You can make your way over to the Pedestrian website to book for free, as long as you're free on the 2nd of June, and can click on the link they provide.


    It took me about 3 goes to fully understand what that title was on about. Yay for reading comprehension!

    I'd like to know when the plan is for it to come to Perth. It's been under the "coming soon" section of the website for well over a year.

    Yeah, that is a seriously confusing title. Nearly didn't read the article which would have been a shame as it was really interesting.
    "Want to be part of a Zombie apocalypse with 6000 other people IRL?", that I would have clicked on in a second :)


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