PlanetSide Goes Completely Free

PlanetSide 2 might be all the rage, but if you're curious about the original MMO that brought massive FPS battles to gamers everywhere, Sony Online Entertainment has dropped PlanetSide's subscription fee, meaning you can play the game for nothing, right now.

Even with no subscription fee, it appears you'll need to register a Station account before you can play, though you can start downloading the client immediately.

The decision to make the switch was made almost a year ago, though it's only in the past few days that the change was executed. It's a nice gesture, to be sure... not that Sony has generated much goodwill among Australian gamers in recent times.

PlanetSide — Register [PlanetSide, via Blue's News]


    Speak to me of Planetside 2 for PS4.

      Same. I only care for the PS4 version at this stage. Any idea when it's coming out for PS4?

      Last edited 05/05/14 9:38 pm

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