Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare Is Coming To PlayStation

Good news, PlayStation loyalists! The excellent Plants Vs. Zombies shooter is coming to Sony’s PS3 and PS4 consoles on August 19, developer PopCap announced today.

PopCap’s Brian Lindley said in a post on the PlayStation blog that the new version of the game will run at “a native 1080p resolution and blazing fast 60 frames per second” and feature some exclusive in-game goodies. A PC version is also in the works for a June 24 release.

It will be interesting to see what impact, if any, this shift to cross-platform availability will have on the great Xbox One-Vs-PlayStation 4 battle. Along with Titanfall, Garden Warfare has been warmly praised not only for being a fun multiplayer shooter, but also a compelling reason to pick up Microsoft’s newest console. Also: seeing as both games are published by EA, the rapid about-face on the Garden Warfare front doesn’t project a strong message about Titanfall’s reign as an Xbox One-only title either.

Garden Warfare is still one of the best games for the Xbox One, mind you. But what will happen if it becomes one of the best games for the PlayStation 4 as well?


  • What? No. Gtfo. I got it for $37 on Xbox 360 because it was only available on Xbox. So I got it, since I do have friends I can play with occasionally.

    THEN they announce PC release, which I’d prefer.

    NOW they announce PS3/4? I have both of those consoles, I’d rather it on PS4 than 360 just for the graphics.

    Would I be correct in blaming Microsoft for being a bunch of douchebags, and just buying out an exclusivity period?

    • Exclusivity period sounds about right and will be the running theme throughout this generation I reckon. Unless it’s a Sony or Microsoft studio making a game I wouldn’t believe anyone these days if they say their game will be exclusive to one platform

    • One small correction, it’s Microsoft AND EA for being a bunch of douchebags =] Minor I know but I think it’s an important point to make.

    • It was known as coming to PS4 for ages. They stated at launch it would eventually go cross platform. Also it’s only like $34 now. Really not that much if you sell your Xbox copy on Gumtree for like $15 to upgrade.

      For that price I bought Rayman a few days ago which I am still yet to play.


      On other notes i’m actually excited for August now. Too much games I want though.

      – Sniper Elite III
      – PvZ
      – GTA Remastered (When?)
      – Driveclub (Prob only PS+)
      – New BF
      – TLOU

      • This this THIS

        It was easily available news and well advertised that it was a “timed exclusive” as I remember it being labelled.
        Pays to look into things if you think it will cause a rustling in your Jimmies somewhere down the line.

  • This one was different to Titanfall though, from around the time of the announcement, this was heavily rumoured to be timed exclusive for the Xbox brand. Whilst they announced for Xbox, they never outright denied that a PC/PS version wasn’t happening, so that is why some assumed it was Timed Exclusive… given the release date of August, that fits in perfect for a 6mth exclusive window.

    The Titanfall difference, was that PS versions were in the works and they were known to exist before EA and MS made a deal for complete exclusive. The suggestion is that Titanfall (as it is now) will not come to the PS system ever (so it wont be Mass Effect situation). However, there is speculation that EA were not as happy as they wanted to be with sales of Titanfall on top of the performance of the XBone compared to the PS4 and so, the next Titanfall will be completely multiplatform… and/or possibly looking for a contract loophole that might allow a release on PS4 sooner than a sequel can hit (think Ninja Gaiden / Ninja Gaiden Sigma).

    • PC was always going to happen. It was up in the origin store for pre-order since basically it was announced but never had a release date attached.

  • I was curious to see what Xbox One runs this at, since 1080p 60fps is what we’re all after.

    900p @ 30fps. Lol. Just lol.

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