Please Don’t Ask Repairmen To Fix Your Mario Kart

Please Don’t Ask Repairmen To Fix Your Mario Kart

Poor guy. All he wanted was to provide a service: fixing go-karts. Instead, a jerk repeatedly responded with Mario Kart jokes.

textastrophe, a blog that pranks people who post phone numbers online, came across the following Craigslist ad:

This is the exchange that followed:

Aww. Makes me laugh and kind of wish that this is actually fake, meaning nobody got pranked for trying to do their job. There’s always that possibility!

[via textastrophe]



    • I think it’s funny. Don’t see why the guy got so bent out of shape. He should’ve just kept his sense of humour. So you get some funny msgs. So what?

      • From the sounds of it, he gets a lot of “funny” messages and when you’re running a small business, you don’t have the luxury of wasting time on every idiot’s sense of humour.

        • I run a small business. 5 txt messages is not going to put any semi-decent business out of shape.

          But more than that, life is just easier if you see the funny side.

  • I’ll bet on guy is a complete jerk who able to hide behind anonymity.

    This was meant to be a reply to Gehirn, but the Website said I was posting too quickly.

  • “There’s always that possibility! ”
    Yes there is BECAUSE you did no research!

  • As much as i lost it reading it, that guy is a cock head for annoying this guy whos trying to make a fair and decent living.

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