Please Don't Ask Repairmen To Fix Your Mario Kart

Please Don't Ask Repairmen To Fix Your Mario Kart

Poor guy. All he wanted was to provide a service: fixing go-karts. Instead, a jerk repeatedly responded with Mario Kart jokes.

textastrophe, a blog that pranks people who post phone numbers online, came across the following Craigslist ad:

Please Don't Ask Repairmen To Fix Your Mario Kart

This is the exchange that followed:

Please Don't Ask Repairmen To Fix Your Mario Kart

Aww. Makes me laugh and kind of wish that this is actually fake, meaning nobody got pranked for trying to do their job. There's always that possibility!

[via textastrophe]


    Either this is fake, or the guy that done it is a complete jerk.

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      I think it's funny. Don't see why the guy got so bent out of shape. He should've just kept his sense of humour. So you get some funny msgs. So what?

        From the sounds of it, he gets a lot of "funny" messages and when you're running a small business, you don't have the luxury of wasting time on every idiot's sense of humour.

          I run a small business. 5 txt messages is not going to put any semi-decent business out of shape.

          But more than that, life is just easier if you see the funny side.

        If you laugh along they typically leave you alone anyways.

    I'll bet on guy is a complete jerk who able to hide behind anonymity.

    This was meant to be a reply to Gehirn, but the Website said I was posting too quickly.

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      Too quick eh? It might be time to knock it up to 150cc!

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    "There's always that possibility! "
    Yes there is BECAUSE you did no research!

    As much as i lost it reading it, that guy is a cock head for annoying this guy whos trying to make a fair and decent living.

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