Pokémon Red's Trainer Suddenly Doesn't Look So Tough

Suddenly Pokémon Red's Trainer Doesn't Look So Tough

Red might be one of the best trainers to ever live in the Pokémon universe, but when he's chibified into a toy like this? It's kind of hard to take him seriously, amazing champion or not.

It's a nendoroid figure, only available in Japan for about $US44. It comes with three facial expressions, four different arm parts, three leg parts, as well as three starters (which you can see in the initial picture). He comes with accessories too, of course: Pokeballs, a Pokedex and a backpack. Everything a trainer needs to catch em all, really.

And damn if he's not a big ol' cutie:

Suddenly Pokémon Red's Trainer Doesn't Look So Tough
Suddenly Pokémon Red's Trainer Doesn't Look So Tough

....I need this figurine in my life.

[via Tiny Cartridge]


    Seems to be about 115 buyout on ebay with free shipping :P

      Screw that. Just find a decent proxy service and it will probably be cheaper.

        Most Nendoroids are around 3500-4000 yen + 1200-1500 postage via EMS from the Japanese retailers that sell internationally (and there are many). That's $50-60 generally, varying a bit in price because some boxes are bigger and heavier than others if they have more accessories.

        $115 is massively ripping you off and I strongly caution you against paying that much for something that'll be easily available for half that.

        EDIT: Oh wait, I see that it's an Amazon/Pokemon center exclusive. Possibly GSC will stock it internationally regardless, but still, you should be able to get it shipped from Amazon.jp to a proxy shipper like Tenso and then shipped on to Australia for a fraction of $115.

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    So bloody tempted. If they included pikachu inside I would have buy it without hesitation

      Pikachu isnt a starter for Red though.

        I think Pokemon Yellow is to blame for people making that mistake.

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        I didn't say pikachu because he is a starter in yellow but rather I like pikachu itself.

    They're not 'only available in Japan'. Nendoroids are easy to get hold of if you know where to look. I've got close to (possibly more than - I've lost count) 200 of them.

    Preorders for this don't open until the 24th and it's a general release like the other Nintendo Nendoroids (Mario, Luigi, Link, that dog person from Animal Crossing). Sites like HobbySearch will ship to Australia for a fraction of the cost you'd pay on ebay and GoodSmile Co., the manufacturer of the figures, runs their own store where you can basically order anything that's upcoming (including most limited-release stuff, used to be you had to buy those through a proxy) and they'll ship to Australia s well.

    EDIT: Just saw this isn't general release. Still there's ways of getting hold of these sorts of things if GSC themselves don't sell them to international customers like usual.

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