Pokemon Ruby And Sapphire Remakes Announced For November

Two games from the long-running creature-collecting series are getting remade for the 3DS.

Here's how Nintendo's describing the upcoming titles:

Announcing Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems! Prepare for an epic adventure exploring a world filled with Pokémon!

Pokémon fans first enjoyed Pokémon Ruby Version and Pokémon Sapphire Version when it launched in 2003 for the Game Boy Advance. Now, a whole new generation of Pokémon fans will experience the dramatic storyline that unfolds inPokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire.


    Wahoo! I played 1st gen and 2nd gen as they came out, but I dunno, I think I was just at the right age to maximise enjoyment with RSE, they really knew how to float my boat. I think it was the graphics, the first time the sprites looked actually cartoon-y, like the anime

    It's launching November and that's the best trailer they have?

      Yeah, that was very lacklustre. Nintendo went for the Inception route and it didn't help the trailer at all. In fact, it seemed rather uncanny for a Nintendo trailer.

    Nintendo offices:

    "Shit we just lost 485 Million dollars, what do we do?"
    "....... Re-release some Pokemon, the dumb f*cks will buy it all over again"

      I'm excited because I never actually had a chance to play Ruby/Sapphire.

      Anyway, if you think this is a new business tactic for Nintendo they first did it 10 years ago with FireRed and LeafGreen 10 years ago.

        And they did it before with Super Mario All-Stars for the Super Nintendo a little over 20 years ago :)

        That counts, right?

          And it was fantastic. We still got Super Mario World and Yoshi's Island, we just got next-gen remakes of the original games as well which were absolutely brilliant.

          Seriously, if anyone has a problem with it just don't buy the game. If you've already played the original you're losing nothing by skipping these. Personally I'll take things like Wind Waker HD, Fable Anniversary, Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, Pokemon OR/AS because I love these games and hate playing them with low resolutions, using dated control systems and on consoles/handhelds so old they barely work.
          Just getting a copy of RSE that isn't a bootleg is near impossible today. Even if you manage to find one you have to play it on a non-backlit GBA, original NDS or GameCube. None of those come close to comparing with my 3DS in terms of comfort and quality. I actually did play Sapphire through on the original DS a few months ago and on a design level even simple things like going through the PC are a pain in the butt compared to the modern systems. Way too many games are lost to time that way.

          As long as Nintendo continue putting out main series Pokemon games I'll be over the moon at the idea they of them cycling through the previous games and bringing them up to date. Now they've got the Poke Bank it just makes sense to get as many generations together as possible.

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    If Sony and MS were releasing worthwhile games then Nintendo remaking anything wouldn't attract large sales... just think about that for a minute...

    I only just finished catching all the Legendaries in Emerald a month or two back.


      Groudon Groudon GROUDOOOON!!!

    Not sure why this is called a remake. They said a brand new adventure and most likely it will be rather different. Even groudon and kyogre has a different evolution. Don't think it is mega evolution but probably a new form like black and white 2.

      I think you misread, its just mentions a whole new generation of fans get to experience it.

        I did read that but I still believe it will be something more. They never say brand new adventure in remakes like leaf green, fire red, soul silver and heart gold. The main legendary is different too. Same region maybe but will be different.

          yeh, I am not calling it a remake "yet"
          The trailer implies that it is a new story etc. It might very well be similar but at this stage of information I am willing to give the benefit of the doubt to ninty.
          That said, fire red/leaf green, heart gold/soul silver were pretty much identical to their forebears so precedence says to not get "too" excited for a completely new game

      Where are you getting any of this info? I can't watch the video at work. Does it say 'brand new adventure' there?

        Yeah it shows on the video. It says 'An epic new adventure is coming'

      a remake with some differences - it doesn't have to be the exact same.

        I'm reaaaaally hoping it's not just remake in 3D :(

          Heart Gold and Soul Silver were pretty good.

            Yeah it was. Gold was my favourite. Ho-oh YEAH!

            Yeah. SoulSilver is probably my number one Pokemon game. You can dismiss it as a mostly cosmetic upgrade but there's also an extra level of polish that really made the difference for me.

      Groudon and Kyogre don't have different evolutions. They're just glowing in the box art. There's no other difference between those pictures and standard pictures of them.

    I mean that generation had the best... the best... defeat 8 gym leaders and then top 4 ever... All other iterations despite doing the exact same thing were shallow in comparison.

      I personally disagree. Gold/Silver had you take on Johto's 8 gym leaders, then Johto's Elite Four, duck over to Kanto, defeat Kanto's 8 Gym Leaders, and then take on goddamn Red! Pretty hard to get better than that. :-)

    My primary school days are flooding back to me in a wave of gaming Nostalgia, I MUST HAVE IT.

    Dammit Kotaku! Sort your comments out

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