Pokemon Trainers, Prepare for PAX Aus

Bit of a Pokemon pro? Want to get yourself some unique badges at PAX Aus? Your six little minions could be your path to PAX glory, as an unofficial but large competition will be run across all three days, with everyone encouraged to join.

The competition has been running overseas for a while, but this will be the first Australian event. All you need is your copy of Pokemon X or Y.

If you're in Melbourne and missed the recent Pokemon Video Game Regional Championships, this should be your next big event. And, knowing PAX Aus like I do, it'll probably be a very community-focused and friendly competition. PAX Aus just has that kind of atmosphere.

Or if you're like me and will just be flying in, all the better. You can find out more info about the rules and whatnot at Pax Pokemon League, and it looks like they're going to have 8 Gym Leaders, an Elite 4 and 1 Champion. Simply walk up to someone with a scarf and ask to battle them, and you're in.

Watch out, though — with Melbourne's unpredictable weather, there might actually be scarved folk who don't play Pokemon.


    Given the date, it will be hipsters not the weather that will cause more random scarves.

    Pfft, let's have a Warmachine and Halo tournament instead!

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