Pokémon Characters, All Grown Up

Pokémon Characters, All Grown Up

As part of his series 'All Grown Up', DeviantART artist Isaiah Stephens imagined what the main characters of the Pokémon anime would look like as grownups.

I'm not sure I'd hang out with that creepy, Jigsaw-esque Pikachu, but he's not the only who changed a lot. Ash's sidekick Brock has finally opened his eyes!

All Grown Up: Pokemon by Isaiah Stephens [DeviantART]


    "Ash’s sidekick Brock has finally opened his eyes!"

    Such Racism, Much Wow...

    Jokes aside yeah, these all creepy....

      Wait I thought he actually had his eyes closed? There's afew times he's opened them and I thought they acknowledge they are closed alot?

    What I dont understand is why the grown ups of pokemon need to "grow up"? like nurse Joy and officer Jenny

      It's hard to get an exact age on them, Jesse has been 15, 17 and 22 depending on the source. They're both old enough to drive though, which would imply at least 18.

      Whoops, this was a reply to @popyea

      Last edited 01/05/14 8:53 pm

        Assuming that the legal driving age in a world where magical creatures allow young kids to wonder the world by themselves, is in fact 18.

        Lulz. :P

          Okay so, maybe things operate differently in the world of Pokemon. By which I mean, irresponsibly!

    I thought Ash was the only kid. Who would believe that team rocket or officer jenny weren't adults?

    I did play Silver you know...


    Wrong titel. Should be 'Pokemon if it was also Captain Planet.'

    anybody else think brock looks like charlie sheen?

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