You Can Now Play Portal And Half-Life 2 On The Go

Last month, Nvidia teased the upcoming release of the original Portal for its Tegra 4-powered Shield gaming portable. Good news — Portal is available on Google Play today. Better news — so is Half-Life 2.

While the Shield is capable of streaming from a Nvidia-powered PC to the handheld screen, that’s not what these releases are. The Shield versions of Portal and Half-Life 2 are running natively on the device. That means they’re just virtual controls away from running on tablets or phones with similar internals. Neat!

I’ve been playing Portal on the Shield for the past week or so, and it’s a pretty faithful port. I mean, as long as the voice acting and gameplay stays intact, any Portal port is a good Portal port.

I have not played Half-Life 2, but I did sort of know it was coming. Call it a hunch — or a neon green crowbar Nvidia mailed to my house.

Both Portal and Half-Life 2 are available exclusively for the Nvidia Shield on Google Play today for $US9.99 apiece.


  • *yawn*
    Bringing us a 10 year old game isnt anything special, lack of original content makes me cry for the shield.
    I had such high hopes for the shield 🙁

    • I never thought original content for the Shield was a realistic expectation in the first place. Between Nintendo and Sony there is zero room in the market place for another dedicated handheld type development strategy (hell there’s barely enough market for the Vita).

      The strength of the platform was always in adding traditional controls to android marketplace games (with good fast hardware to boot) and Shield streaming. Once the shield streaming over the internet is put into full consumer release then it’s really going to be something special.

  • i wish that somebody would do a port of this for IOS because if there was i would definitely play it.

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