PS4 Karaoke Puts The Phone In Microphone

PS4 Karaoke Puts The Phone in Microphone

Listen, being able to use your smartphone as a microphone for the just-announced PS4 version of SingStar just-announced PS4 version of SingStar is a brilliant idea. But there's no escaping the fact that it looks a little silly too.

Previous entries in the PlayStation karaoke series had players warbling pop hits into microphone accessories. This time, a companion app — compatible with both PS3s and PS4s — will be letting you belt tunes into the smartphone that's presumably already in your pocket. It's a smart move on Sony's part, one that eliminates the cost and hassle of buying new peripherals.

PS4 Karaoke Puts The Phone in Microphone

While never a phenomenon on the scale of Guitar Hero or Rock Band, SingStar sold well in Europe. It's the kind of game that helped the PS2 and PS3 branch out past a hardcore audience so it makes sense that Sony would revive SingStar for a new hardware generation. Final thought: let's all be grateful in advance for the upcoming wave of phone-singing videos that SingStar PS4 will deliver unto us.


    ha can't wait, with all the broken microphones over the years this will be great

    Previously, playing Singstar did not look silly.

    Just so long as they give me the option to remove it from my fucking home menu

    Strange.. wouldn't sony then need to accomodate for almost everysingle microphone found in a phone as they would all be different and potentially handle things like pitch differently. Or will they specify what phones are compatible with whatever interface they apply.

    I bet a tiny mobile phone microphone will be able to pick up all sorts of pitches. Not the correct technology for the job, says I

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