PS4 Killzone Is Getting Four-Player Online Co-Op

PS4 Killzone Is Getting Four-Player Online Co-Op

Launch PS4 game Killzone: Shadow Fall will get a four-player online co-op mode called Killzone Intercept later this year, launching for free for the game's season pass holders in June and as a standalone release later in 2014. The new mode puts players in the role of VSA assault, marksmen, medics and tacticians against computer-controlled Helghast.

It's set in four new arena maps based on the game's solo campaign. Read more about it over at the PlayStation blog.


    Pity the game is dead. Also, making non season pass holders wait until "later this year", is a serious dick move.

    Hmm, not campaign coop then? That's a bugger. Horde-alike's are fun enough for a while but lose appeal fairly fast unless there's something different about them.

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