Punching Glitch Lets Titanfall Mechs Fly

Punching Glitch Lets Titanfall Mechs Fly

What's more terrifying than a titan? An airborne titan that doesn't follow the rules of gravity, of course.

Here's a glitch uploaded by FrothyOmen, which shows how broken the "big punch" kit can be if a titan equips it and melees in the right areas.

There's first-person footage of this glitch too, of course:

The glitch can be abused, as it allows mechs to go places where they normally would never be able to. Here's hoping it gets fixed!


    What's the range of anti-Titan weapons lock-on? Seems to leave him wide open. Still needs a patch, but if the Titan is that vulnerable then I don't see many people using it that often.

    It still doesn't seem as terrible as dual wielding 1887 shotguns in Modern Warfare 2.

      This is just one particular interesting example. The problem is this allows you to stick your titan in particular vantage points in different maps and be able to see/shoot people you shouldn't be able to.

    In the FPS mode. what is that "120" in the top left hand corner? Hmmm

      That's fraps, showing the game is running at 120 Frames Per Second (FPS).

        Not to be confused with faps which shows your fap rate per second.

          Do you think gamers complain if they get under 60 faps per second? :P

            I find it hard to complete my 'game' if my faps per second are under 60. ;)

      Like solv3ig said, that is Fraps, a frame rate counter. This is done in a stock game and nothing has been modified or changed to achieve this.

    "Completely totally 100% broken"... uhh, cool your jets man, it's not like people are flying around maps in every game.

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