Punching Glitch Lets Titanfall Mechs Fly

Punching Glitch Lets Titanfall Mechs Fly

What’s more terrifying than a titan? An airborne titan that doesn’t follow the rules of gravity, of course.

Here’s a glitch uploaded by FrothyOmen, which shows how broken the “big punch” kit can be if a titan equips it and melees in the right areas.

There’s first-person footage of this glitch too, of course:

The glitch can be abused, as it allows mechs to go places where they normally would never be able to. Here’s hoping it gets fixed!


  • What’s the range of anti-Titan weapons lock-on? Seems to leave him wide open. Still needs a patch, but if the Titan is that vulnerable then I don’t see many people using it that often.

    It still doesn’t seem as terrible as dual wielding 1887 shotguns in Modern Warfare 2.

    • This is just one particular interesting example. The problem is this allows you to stick your titan in particular vantage points in different maps and be able to see/shoot people you shouldn’t be able to.

  • In the FPS mode. what is that “120” in the top left hand corner? Hmmm

    • That’s fraps, showing the game is running at 120 Frames Per Second (FPS).

    • Like solv3ig said, that is Fraps, a frame rate counter. This is done in a stock game and nothing has been modified or changed to achieve this.

  • “Completely totally 100% broken”… uhh, cool your jets man, it’s not like people are flying around maps in every game.

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